Nov 142018

Why Keen boots are super
They originated in the U.S. in 2003, when its founder, Mr. Keen and Mr. Prince, the Newport sandal made in response to the complaint, outdoor enthusiasts, they often expressed their toes when wearing sandals and their current outdoor shoes. The Keen sandal had a nice big toe guard “bumper”. The company quickly grew to 1,000 stores and is now a recognized brand in Europe, Australasia and Central America.

One of the main reasons I like this company is that they be both philanthropic and be kind to the environment. When the tsunami hit in Asia in 2004, the company donated their marketing budget to help with relief. Her hybrid-care program evolved from these efforts and help you today together with other like-minded groups to preserve and protect the environment. The hybrid-Care program has donated more than four million dollars to various organizations that have the same goals.

The “Keen.Cork” Part of Keen “hybrid technology” is specially designed damping of shoes and boots shaped to impact on the feet and the fact that it is renewable and natural materials makes it friendly to mitigate environmental, that’s cool.

The technology behind these Keen boots is not half as bad as my English friend would say. It has the unique KEEN.DRY system that boots a membrane, steam may be without water-introduced useful for muddy roads and wet hikes. (Before the boots like the Keen Targhee II Mid boat was the “event” waterproof lining, which many found not keep feet dry in summer, but made them sweat).

Then we have the “secure fit lace capture system”that’s a different way of saying that if you loose your shoelaces, you get so fast will not break your ankle, because the boots fit snugly yet, nor is it hard to get the boots, because this system. The big chunky toe cap that looks like a mini-car bumper, will protect your toes in rocky areas.

Ankle support is also provided by the mid-height cuffs and boots like the Keen Women’s Voyageur Mid hiking shoes, that’s pretty obvious, and would indeed be very important if you were shouldering a heavy backpack.

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