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El Escorial has much to offer with its many historical attractions.
The main attraction at El Escorial is the largest monastery Spain can boast of which was built during the Renaissance era. This huge building is spectacular with its rectangular shape that looms over everything else. However, at the exterior, the building looks severe like a prison more than a palace.
Historical Monument
El Escorial was built sometime during 1563 to 1584 as an original Juan Bautista Toledo creation. But his assistant took over most of the construction. Felipe II had wanted the monument to be a mausoleum as well as a monastery as he desired to live as a monk while ruling the world “with 2 inches of paper”. However, subsequent monarchs converted the drab-looking rooms with rich décor to accommodate their affluent lifestyles except for Felipe’s personal rooms. They remained simple with his favorite support chair and bed where he died in. He loved to look across the courtyard into the quaint little church that held frequent Masses.
Local Cuisine
With the nooks and corners of El Escorial, you will be famished for some local delicacies. The town is where you will head towards for the delicious tastes that will tempt you. There are many good restaurants that you can check out the local cuisines from. You can try some fancy restaurants located in some of the hotels.
Most of the hotel restaurants may be well decorated but come with a higher price too. The food may be very delicious as found in El Charoles; it is well known for its tasty serving of fish and stews. There are more affordable places for great tasty food close to the Coliseo.
Besides the famous fish dishes, El Escorial offers great fine Spanish wines and bocadillo from the region s finest vineyards. There are many bars and pubs in town for your drinking pleasure.
El Escorial has many cinemas which offer many movies and performances. You can also enjoy many theatrical mementoes alongside the classical and jazz concerts at the 18th century Coliseo. There are many theatrical productions throughout the year to keep you entertained. You can also enjoy the town s free weekly production.
Packaged deals
With so much offering at El Escorial, you can get great savings from a packaged deal that allows you to visit the famous monastery, basilica, chapter houses, sacristy, royal apartments and library. The two castles, Abajo castle and Arriba castle, are also open to the public with separate admission fees.
The packaged deal can be obtained from the tourist center in the town when you arrive by coach. There are guided tours with coach rides included in the packaged deal which is worth your money.

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