Mar 232017

How to Get the Most From Online Deals
Do you know AajkaCatch? Daily deal sites are all the rage these days. The massive success of one day deals has inspired a wave of similar web sites all offering deep discounts on everything from fashion to travel, dining, entertainment and beauty. Even Facebook couldn’t resist. The social network recently launched its own service called Deals.
But buyers need to beware. About 20% of daily deal consumers end up wasting their vouchers and never redeeming the deal. The problem is that daily deal sites encourage consumers to buy on impulse. We see the time clock ticking on the site, telling us we only have two hours left to buy a deal for 80% off teeth whitening or 50% off acupuncture, and our adrenaline starts to flow. We click the “buy” button without really thinking rationally. It happens to the best of us.
Experts say one way to maximize the daily deal market is to buy with your friends. If you work it out the right way, you’ll all get a discount, or at least one of you will.

Daily Deals Attract New Customers, Re-engage the Inactive
Daily-deal offers may be an effective way to attract new customers and re-engage inactive ones, according to a new study by Foresee Results: Among surveyed consumers who had redeemed a daily-deal offer in the previous 90 days, nearly one-third (31%) said they were new customers and more than one-quarter (27%) said they were infrequent customers.
Nearly two in five consumers who had redeemed a daily-deal offer (38%) said they were frequent customers; 4% were former customers.

· Daily deals is an evolved customer behaviour that has migrated a significant bunch of offline backbenchers into online transacters. Its a great trend that can be customized geographically. However there are few questions:-
Q1. Besides daily SMS / Emailer which can get annoying, is there a better medium to reinforce online offers?
Q2. What product categories do better business online?
· But how many become return/loyal customers, without the deals? Isn’t that you really want?
· Daily deals are a good way to get people through the front door, but not a guarantee you’ll develop a new customer base. Business owners who think that a daily deal is going to just drop a slew of loyal customers into their lap are in for a big surprise.

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