Jul 092023

Insurance brokers are the ones who make the process of paying taxes be as easy as possible. A broker is free to represent more than one client at the same time, very much unlike an insurance agent, who usually represents a single carrier.

In order to get help on finding the best plan for your business, a broker who knows the insurance carriers in your area can be very useful. Another reason for using insurance brokers is because their services are free most of the times.

Theoretically, brokers have the goal of giving the clients the best coverage at the lowest price, helping them understand the industry jargon that is most likely to be used in all the contracts and also dealing with the paperwork. They get paid out of the commissions from the carriers directly, instead of charging the clients for the services they provide.

This all works in theory. But in the real world the line between agent and broker can get very thin. The reason for this is the fact that some brokers have special relationships with certain carriers, meaning that they get a higher commission the more business they place and the good agents will often find the best coverage for their clients, even if it is with another carrier.

This switching thing makes it very difficult a task to choose the best broker on the market. The first thing you must find out about them is how they are compensated and if they have any special commission deals with the carriers they are recommending. They can also charge extra over and above the cost of the coverage. Another good thing to know from the start is how many different carriers they represent in a certain market. Should the answer be only a few, that could mean that they are acting more like an agent.

Never keep a broker who will switch your insurance on and on to new carriers, unless you are given the opportunity to save a significant amount of money. The brokers use to do that as when they bring new business to an insurance carrier they are given higher commissions.

So, you have found a good broker! The bad news is that it’s not enough. You will need a broker to specialize in property and casualty, that is workers ‘ compensation and another one to understand everything there is to know about employee benefits, which include health care. There are cases when you may need a third broker that specializes in another field, depending on your business.

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