Jun 172023

After revolutionizing the whole world with its line of office management products, Canon copier is dominating the Indian copier industry as well. The company aspires to generate a revenue sum of Rs.700 crores by 2007 and 30% market share in all range of the Indian digital imaging industry. In 2003 Canon copier recorded a 13% growth with a turnover from the point of Rs. 202 crore to Rs 230 crore and while in 2004, Canon digital copiers registered a market share of 23.5% among the top dealers with the sale of 2,319 digital monochromes copiers in India.

Canon copier India is a subsidiary of Canon Singapore Pte and was established in 1997. Canon India deals in the broad range of refined modern imaging products that incorporate Canon analog and digital copiers, Canon personal copier.Fax machines multi-functional peripherals, laser printers, digital cameras scanners, multi media projectors and calculators. The main imaging forces that works behind the cutting edge technology of these products includes image capturing, semiconductor, electro photography, bubble jet, and display. The company has achieved the top position in the digital copier section of Indian market on the basis of their adoption of the latest technology that puts stress on a user friendly design, high- quality and affordability. These products have been targeting both government and corporate sector.

As Canon color copier models enjoy a better reputation in comparison to the other canon products, canon has recently introduced new series of Image Runner copiers in the market. These Canon color copiers carry a variety of speeds and versatility that range from document scanning to document organization systems. They are capable of churning copies up to the speed of 70 pages per minute. In addition, the company has been generating handsome amount of money from their series of consumables such as Canon copier toner, Canon copier drum, Canon copier cartridges, etc. These Canon copier parts guarantee the hurdle free copier functioning while copying.

Canon also put emphasis on the technological development. They invest 10% of their sales in the research and development. The Company has also established a Software Development Centre (SDC) to build up document management software. So it makes sense to buy canon copier to furnish outstanding print quality to your office documentation.

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