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Author: Joel Comm
Morgan James Publishing, LLC
1225 Franklin Avenue, Suite 325, Garden City, NY 11530, 800-485-4943
ISBN 1-933596-70-8
$24.95, 2006, 228 pages

I admit it. I swore to never fall for one of those “Make my book number #1 on Amazon.com.” deals again. But this time I fell, and I fell hard, for The AdSense Code by Joel Comm. The headline on his web page reads like this: “How $15.72 Can Get You Over $6972 Worth Of The Best Internet Marketing Training Resources On The Face Of The Earth…” I received dozens of e-mails from his joint venture partners and so I ordered the book.

The cover of this book is eye catching and will look familiar to most readers because it is based on the cover for The DaVinci Code. The design is clever and in this particular case makes the book stand out from the rest of the herd.

The good news: The AdSense Code is a terrific read and an even better resource. The bad news: the free internet training resources were nothing new. Download and use the free software bonuses in conjunction with this book. If you buy The AdSense Code and I recommend you do then skip the free information resources and dive into The AdSense Code right away.

The best way to read this book is to have a highlighter, pen and paper in hand. I took pages of notes, highlighted the best bits and read through several chapters twice. There are no recommended scams in this book nor are there any guarantees. The information is all above board presented in a logical format and Joel reminds us of the Google(tm) Terms Of Service more than once.

Included in this book are twenty-two chapters in addition to resources and case studies. The material is very good. Joel covers some information already available on the internet but he saves you the dozens of hours of research and provides screen shot examples that you will not see anywhere else. Much of the information was new to me and I have been using AdSense for some time.

Some of the topics covered by the book are positioning, colors, targeting, tracking and creating content. Strategies range from the simple to the complicated but Joel provides plenty of step-by-step instructions to help make learning a breeze. Joel shares what works for him and provides plenty of information that will stimulate you to create your own unique strategy for implementing and tweaking AdSense on your sites.

Read and implement the strategies in this book while the information is still fresh and you will be well on your way to increasing your income from AdSense.

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