Mar 102024

Come out of the days when business people and customers were two different groups who never had any kind of interaction. Today interaction is the key to the success of any business. And Online Messaging Service is very logical- you interact with your friends and relatives so that you have good relations with them. Right? Then why not with your customers? If you want to have good relations with your customers, you have to interact with them and when Online Messaging Service comes to interaction with customers, nothing can beat Infact, leave alone beating, nobody can come close to it also. No chance. is a premium website, which caters to your day to day need of interacting with customers. Think of a situation- you own a shop which deals in garments and you have put up a clearance sale. Only two days of the sale are left to go and you want all your customers to know about it. So what do you do? Call every customer individually? Bad idea. Some might be in a meeting; some might be sleeping, so on and so forth. So the coolest way out is to send all of them an SMS. Now you must be wondering as to how would they know that the message is from you. Right? Worry not. ‘Coz takes care of even this need of yours. You can have a company branded 11 character sender ID. This is for one way sms messages. (As it is, all you want is to send sms to your customers. So, one way id would do. But if you want a two way sms system, you can opt for that also). When you send a message to your customers, it will appear on their mobile phones with your company name. So they know where SMS Messages are coming from. And they would not delete SMS Messages without reading it (generally people delete messages coming from unknown numbers).

And what’s more, you can delay the delivery of the message to a later date and time. And to top this you will also get a delivery report (with the delivery time and date) for all the message you send. But this is not all. You can also send messages to an individual or to a group- whatever you choose. To add to this there are many other features.

So what are you waiting for? Log on to and send branded SMS messages to your customers today. After all, business is where the customer is. Isn’t it?

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