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Whether it’s shopping for clothes, a car or even small buys like children’s toys, regular groceries or furniture and electronic equipment, shopping around for different rates, different brands and different salespersons is something we always do with a view to getting the best possible deals, simply to save money. Cutting down costs is what we look for intentionally and even unintentionally. Obviously, when it comes to taking loans, things are no different.

When taking a secured loan, we all know that you need to put up collateral of significant value to get a larger loan approved. Although collateral can be offered in the form of any asset you own, the number of houses that get offered as collateral has called for a new category of loans – Personal Homeowner Loans. When talking about the best deals in the loan market, Personal Homeowner Loans can more than clarify this fact for you. These loans are only meant for those of you who have a home to your name i.e. for homeowners.

Personal Homeowner Loans
entail pledging your house as collateral and borrowing a loan against it. When you put up your home as collateral, your lender takes temporary ownership of it right up to the time you repay the loan completely. This collateral, when in your lender’s possession assures him that you will repay the entire loan. Now that your lender takes temporary possession of your home, you also must remember that any defaults on your part with regard to repayment means repossession of your property or simply confiscation. This is not meant to scare you off, but to ensure you have all the information you need before actually applying for it.

The amount made available through Personal Homeowner can be put to use in any way at all – to buy another home, to purchase the car you’ve always wanted, to pay for your child’s education, medical supplies, household repairs or even to fund the vacation you’ve been waiting to take. They can be used for your ‘Personal’ need.

Owing to presence of high valued collateral, i.e. your home, Personal Homeowner Loans also have low interest rates attached to them. This cuts back on the cost involved in the process, making repayments smaller and thereby easier.
With Personal Homeowner Loans you can usually borrow a very large amount compared to any other asset being offered as collateral. This is because for these loans, the equity in your home guarantees repayment, which is usually much more than that in your car, jewellery or any other asset. Moreover, the value of your home always appreciates, which means larger loan amounts in the future. Something that you must know is that lenders usually approve loans for amounts lower than the value in your home. Only a borrower with exceptional credit history can expect amounts up to 125% of his collateral. This leads us to your credit record.

Credit history relates to your financial past. A credible past is created when you keep to all your repayments – make them in full and on time. Such a credit statement will assure your lender of your capacity to pay back the entire amount. A bad credit statement or a negative credit score will do just the reverse, which means hesitant lenders offering less flexible terms, higher interest rates and short loan terms.

Advantages of Personal Homeowner Loans:
•Larger loan amounts – depending on the equity in your home.
•Low interest rates – The latest interest offered was as low as 5.1%.
•An excellent credit report can get you an even more striking deal. For those of you who do not have that can still get good deals provided your home has high equity in it.
•Personal Homeowner Loans have loan terms that can stretch right up to 30 years, once again depending on your home value and your credit record.
•Homeowner loans are ideal for those who find it difficult to get loans from their local bank and for those who do not wish to sell their home when in need of resources to get through a financial crisis.

You can thus see that Personal Homeowner Loans are a good financial solution provided you really need the additional money and have a home to your name.

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