Star Trek: The Original Series Art Prints – Set 3

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Nov 062017

Decorate your home or office with this set of four Star Trek art prints. Each of the Star Trek posters represents a single episode: The Trouble With Tribbles, Catspaw, The Alternative Factor, and Let That Be Your Last Battlefield. The Juan Ortiz Star Trek posters are designed with original illustrations and detailed, eye-catching graphics. Whether it is for you or a loved one, the Star Trek: The Original Series Art Prints – Set 3 is the perfect addition to any fan’s collection.Episode 44: The Trouble With Tribbles – The Enterprise is metaphorically bleeding Tribbles, says Ortiz. I wanted the poster to be fun and colorful, and hopefully [to] make people smile.Episode 36: Catspaw – Here the artist wanted a stark, bold look, with the Enterprise in the cat’s mouth. Says Ortiz, I think that’s the playful part, sort of a look what the cat dragged in moment. Staring out the window and seeing empty eyes reflecting back at you creates that eerie feeling.Episode 27: The Alternative Factor – The Beatles’ musical fantasy film Yellow Submarine meets the The Who’s rock musical Tommy in this print. Ortiz notes, Lazarus’ time ship reminded me of the Beatles’ yellow sub, so I went with that in mind and with the sea of holes representing the doorways through time.Episode 70: Let That Be Your Last Battlefield – Before I upset any fans, explains Ortiz, I intentionally flopped the colors so that the white and the black could face each other. He adds, I used the exact same face for both faces, which I hope demonstrates the absurdity of racism. I kept the faces as simple shapes so that the rage between the two, defined by the touches of red, would translate better. Price:  $ 34.95   Read More and Buy it here!