May 232024

Loans have witnessed an outright volt-face in UK’s social set-up so much so that from being considered a tabooed entity, they are seen as the balancing factor in financial equilibrium of masses. The loan industry of today is a vast, flexible and dynamic space which is far from saturated and still going through the process of evolution. Loans of varied choices are being made available by lenders who more often than not have proved their veracity which amounts to the booming loan industry.

Of different types of loans available, Secured Loans are still the most accessible, low cost and preferred choice, through arguably. Let us delve a little deeper for this concept of Secured Loans to seep deep within, which is a must for all who would ever need it.

The concept of secured loans is probably the most linear one amongst all the loan options but needs to be understood well as a lapse from your end may cost you your property. Yes, this is the flip-side of a secured loan. An ideal applicant for a secured loan would have some property (in majority of the cases, house) to offer as collateral against the amount of money he wishes to borrow. Generally, the lending institutions give up to 125% of the property value offered by the prospective borrower.

The highlight of a secured loan is the interest rate offered. Ideally, it is the lowest on a comparative scale with other varieties of loans. The rate at which you will be offered a secured loan depends upon your credit history/rating as in the case of every other loan option, but for those who have a bad credit history/rating and own a property, Secured loan is the best bet for two reasons. First, ease of availability and second rate of interest.

Finding an appropriate secured loan takes proper research work which includes comparison of deals/quotes offered by various Loan agencies. For this purpose, the web presents the best interface without much sweating. Who gets the best deal in Secured loan hinges on persistence and analysis of the individual. In all possibilities, it could be you!

May 182024

Borrowers with bad credit record can finance their car with adverse credit car loans. This article deals with some dos and don’ts to be followed while taking this loan.

What does a person do when he needs a car loan but he is tagged with bad credit record? Of course, he goes for adverse credit car loans, the option that he can avail in spite of his poor credit record. It is a customised financial solution that enables borrowers with poor or bad credit record to purchase a car of their own.

Generally, it happens that a person faces numerous problems while availing a traditional car loan, due to the tag of bad credit. But this is not likely to happen with adverse credit car loans, as a lush of lenders are there to offer this type of loans. However, getting this loan at competitive rates and with flexible terms involves some homework.

The first step is to wisely select the lender. Borrowers with a poor credit score feel pressurized and discouraged by the want of options. This deficiency makes them accept the first deal that is offered to them. Now, there are dealers who just prey on this gesture and entrap them in unfavourable deals. So, it is very important to shop around and look for suitable lenders.

The task of finding a suitable lender and favourable deal is not at all a hard task to accomplish. However, you can make it even more simplified by undertaking thorough research and comparison on the Internet. The term and condition of the loan deal must be read and checked. One should also ask questions in order to avoid hidden charges that may be let out in future.

Next, get a copy of your credit report before applying for the loan. Review it thoroughly to make sure that it does not contain erroneous and derogatory information. Facts reveal that around 90% of credit reports contain errors or incorrect information in them. Then do your homework on how the mathematics work when drawing up adverse credit car loans contracts. Consider the APR and the way it will be counted. Check the other fees and finally apply if you are sure it suits your repayment capability.

May 132024

In the United States, Ayurveda is considered a type of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) and a whole medical system. Many therapies used in Ayurveda are also used on their own as CAM – for example, herbs, massage, and yoga. As with other such systems, it is based on theories of health and illness and on ways to prevent, manage, or treat health problems. Ayurveda aims to integrate and balance the body, mind, and spirit. This balance is believed to lead to contentment and health, and to help prevent illness. However, Ayurveda also proposes treatments for specific health problems, whether they are physical or mental. A chief aim of Ayurvedic practices is to cleanse the body of substances that can cause disease, and this is believed to help reestablish harmony and balance.

Ayurveda is based on ideas from Hinduism, one of the world’s oldest and largest religions. Some Ayurvedic ideas also evolved from ancient Persian thoughts about health and healing. Many Ayurvedic practices were handed down by word of mouth and were used before there were written records. Ancient books, written in Sanskrit on palm leaves are more than 2,000 years old and thought to be the first texts on Ayurveda–Caraka Samhita and Susruta Samhita.

Ayurveda has long been the main system of health care in India, especially in urban areas. About 70 percent of India’s population lives in rural areas; about two-thirds of rural people still use Ayurveda and medicinal plants to meet their primary health care needs. In addition, most major cities have an Ayurvedic college and hospital. Ayurveda and variations of it have also been practiced for centuries in Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and Tibet. The professional practice of Ayurveda in the United States began to grow and became more visible in the late 20th century.

Ideas about the relationships among people, their health, and the universe form the basis for how Ayurvedic practitioners think about problems that affect health. Ayurveda holds that:

All things in the universe (both living and nonliving) are joined together.

Every human being contains elements that can be found in the universe.

All people are born in a state of balance within themselves and in relation to the universe. This state of balance is disrupted by the processes of life. Disruptions can be physical, emotional, spiritual, or a combination. Imbalances weaken the body and make the person susceptible to disease.

Health will be good if one’s interaction with the immediate environment is effective and wholesome.

Disease arises when a person is out of harmony with the universe.

Ayurveda also has some basic beliefs about the body’s constitution. “Constitution” refers to a person’s general health, how likely he is to become out of balance, and his ability to resist and recover from disease or other health problems. An overview of these beliefs follows.

The constitution is called the prakriti. The prakriti is thought to be a unique combination of physical and psychological characteristics and the way the body functions. It is influenced by such factors as digestion and how the body deals with waste products. The prakriti is believed to be unchanged over a person’s lifetime.

Three qualities called doshas form important characteristics of the constitution, and control the activities of the body. Practitioners of Ayurveda call the doshas by their original Sanskrit names: vata, pitta, and kapha. It is also believed that:

Each dosha is made up of one or two of the five basic elements: space, air, fire, water, and earth.

Each dosha has a particular relationship to body functions and can be upset for different reasons.

A person has her own balance of the three doshas, although one dosha usually is prominent. Doshas are constantly being formed and reformed by food, activity, and bodily processes.

Each dosha is associated with a certain body type, a certain personality type, and a greater chance of certain types of health problems.

An imbalance in a dosha will produce symptoms that are related to that dosha and are different from symptoms of an imbalance in another dosha. Imbalances may be caused by an unhealthy lifestyle or diet; too much or too little mental and physical exertion; or not being properly protected from the weather, chemicals, or germs.

In summary, it is believed that a person’s chances of developing certain types of diseases are related to the way doshas are balanced, the state of the physical body, and mental or lifestyle factors.

Practitioners seek to determine the primary dosha and the balance of doshas through questions that allow them to become very familiar with the patient. Not all questions have to do with particular symptoms. The practitioner will:

Ask about diet, behavior, lifestyle practices, and the reasons for the most recent illness and symptoms the patient had

Carefully observe such physical characteristics as teeth, skin, eyes, and weight

Take a person’s pulse, because each dosha is thought to make a particular kind of pulse

In addition to questioning, Ayurvedic practitioners use observation, touch, therapies, and advising.

The practitioner will develop a treatment plan and may work with people who know the patient well and can help. This helps the patient feel emotionally supported and comforted, which is considered important.

Practitioners expect patients to be active participants in their treatment, because many Ayurvedic treatments require changes in diet, lifestyle, and habits. In general, treatments use several approaches, often more than one at a time. The goals of treatment are to:

Eliminate impurities. A process called panchakarma is intended to be cleansing; it focuses on the digestive tract and the respiratory system

Reduce symptoms. The practitioner may suggest various options, including yoga exercises, stretching, breathing exercises, meditation, herbs and lying in the sun.

Reduce worry and increase harmony in the patient’s life. The patient may be advised to seek nurturing and peacefulness through yoga, meditation, exercise, or other techniques.

Help eliminate both physical and psychological problems. Vital points therapy and/or massage may be used to reduce pain, lessen fatigue, or improve circulation. Ayurveda proposes that there are 107 “vital points” in the body where life energy is stored, and that these points may be massaged to improve health.

In Ayurveda, the distinction between food and medicine is not as clear as in Western medicine. Food and diet are important components of Ayurvedic practice, and so there is a heavy reliance on treatments based on herbs and plants, oils (such as sesame oil), common spices (such as turmeric), and other naturally occurring substances. Currently, some 5,000 products are included in the “pharmacy” of Ayurvedic treatments.

If you are interested in Ayurveda you should be aware that not every practitioner offering services or treatments called “Ayurvedic” has been trained in an Ayurvedic medical school. It is important to ask about the practitioner’s training and experience. Tell your health care provider if you are considering or using Ayurveda or another CAM therapy. This is for your safety and a comprehensive treatment plan. It is important to make sure that any diagnosis of a disease or condition has been made by a provider who has substantial conventional medical training and experience with managing that disease or condition.

Tell your provider(s) about any dietary supplements or medications (prescription or over-the-counter) you are using or considering. Prescribed medicines may need to be adjusted if you are also using a CAM therapy.

Helping The Newcomers – New Business Loans

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Apr 252024

No matter in whichever context we talk about the saying that ‘the first step is the hardest” holds true. The same is the case with the business. It does not matter how much experience a person or a body of persons have, it always requires some assistance when we venture into the unknown regions.

Business has tested out the most experienced and the shrewdest ones, so one can imagine that this is not one of the easiest things in life. However one thing that can make it relatively easier is the help from the others. The thing that is most appreciated is the financial aspect of any new step and that is where to help all the new businessmen we have the new business loans.

As the name would indicate the new business loans are available to people who want to start a new business. The new business can be started by a totally new businessman or a businessman who wants to start a new business along with a business which has already been in running.

Since the new businesses are never easy to start off with in addition there is no guarantee of the immediate success, new business loans are available to people with all the support that is required to make them comfortable. The support terms on the part of the creditors includes an option of choosing between a secured new business loan and an unsecured loan. The borrowers can also negotiate better deals which may include things like, the interest rates to be paid, the loan period and other trivial details related to the loan. With these the loan becomes easier to pay off then it usually is. New business loans are available to not only people with good credit but also people with bad credit as well. Considering the tough circumstances the people have to go through business loans offer the chance to start a new career for them. Not only that, new business loans offers them a chance to improve on their credit score as well.

Applying for the new business loans requires the same criterion as it would be for any other loan. And once that is fulfilled all you need to do is apply to the creditor that matches your requirement. The whole process can either be done online or in person depending on the circumstances then and there. After all the formalities have taken place, the loan decision would be made in a few days time.

A new business is test of many traits of an entrepreneur and the new business loans help in aiding the borrower to compete in the market on equal terms.

Making Tenancy A Little Easy Fast Tenant Loan

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Apr 192024

In today’s world the value of loan to people can never be truly emphasized. They surely are a great help to people who need them. The loans, as earlier said, are a great help to many people. But to people who are tenants they are more than a help, they are more like a benediction for them. Being a tenant involves making sacrifices, compromises with ourselves and the people we deal with. But that can change now with the arrival of fast tenant loan.

Fast tenant loan is a kind of a loan which is designed for people who are tenants i.e. either business tenants or tenants who live in rented houses. Fast tenant loans are here to help tenants of every profile.

Generally the Fast Tenant Loans is taken to satiate the requirements such as:

• Business purposes

• Wedding purposes

• To fulfill educational needs

• Debt consolidation

Or any other need specific to the requirement of the borrower of the fast tenant loan.

Fast tenant loans are more effective than the ordinary tenant loans as these are quickly approved and provide the same level of utility to the borrower. To apply for fast tenant loan, a person needs to apply to an online lender who deals with such loans. The borrowers then need to follow the links and fill out all the details that are wanted by the lender. After that if the conditions match, the loan is approved quickly.

People are sometimes skeptical of these loans, thinking that this is only moneymaking exercise and the borrowers will charge a higher rate of interest. This however is not true a fast tenant loan provides the same benefits as a tenant loan would do. Benefits such as these can be accrued from fast tenant loans:

• Interests on the loans are the same as the normal tenant loan.

• A borrower can choose either a secured or an unsecured loan.

• People with bad credit history also get the same service sand also enjoy the same benefits as they would do with any other loan.

So one can say that a fast tenant loan is an honest attempt to provide service to the borrower and earn money by way of interest.

People who want to apply for a fast tenant loan can apply so in their own way however, they must make sure that they fulfill the required criteria to apply for the loan and must produce a few important documents. Once the documents are produced the loan is only a step closer to you to use and achieve what you want to.

Search Engine Optimisation: SEO Start Up, Landing your First Clients

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Apr 182024

Starting a search engine optimisation business from scratch can be an extremely overwhelming and daunting task, especially if it is your first time. Establishing contacts and connections can also be extremely time consuming if you have no prior marketing and sales knowledge.

Below is a useful guide to help you get your first clients and to get your SEO / SEM business off the ground. Before I begin, please keep in mind that “word-of-mouth” is king, get the word out, talk and mention your business to whomever, whenever and wherever. Remember, the more exposure you offer your business, the more chances you will have landing that first deal.

Search engine optimisation marketing and offline selling tips:

1. Target your market and know your customers, i.e. do some background research. It helps to initially concentrate on one industry, e.g. travel websites, and know the terms, your clients, their line of work and their competition.

2. Localise yourself, concentrate on a local area. Try not to tackle too much at first, focus and concentrate on local businesses and gain their trust. Remember “you are a local” and share similarities.

3. Meet with them, form a partnership and more personal relationships.

4. Assess your advertising options (depending on your budget), consider using the following advertising tools:

a. Local newspapers – place a catchy add.
b. T-shirts – they create great advertising on the street or wherever you go. Also, choose an eye catching slogan.
c. Business cards – choose an appealing and aesthetically pleasing design, trust me professionalism and great design go a long way.
d. Billboard and brochure advertising for those that have the financial means.
e. Taxi advertising: Taxis can be seen all over town by motorists, many of who may happen to be company executives looking to increase their online sales.
f. Radio is also not a bad way of reaching out to people, however this can be costly.
5. Join your local chamber of commerce, meet business people and discuss your SEO business. Offer them a FREE brief website analysis / proposal on their website and show them how you can increase their online traffic and sales.

6. Referrals, referrals, referrals and partnerships. Speak to web design / web development and ISP companies, form partnerships, offer them commission if they refer companies to you.

7. Last but not least: There is nothing like cold calling. Go straight to your source, bypass the marketing manager, do not collect $200, and head straight for the decision maker. Again, as in tip #5, offer a FREE SEO website analysis.
Follow these steps and you can be sure that you’ll be on your way, just stick to your guns and persevere. Deals and contracts may not rush in overnight, however you can be sure sales and new clients will come about in a short period of time. Best of luck!

Insuring against summer sporting disasters

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Apr 172024

Sporting fever has beset the country. With the dates of the World Cup, Wimbledon, the Formula One Grand Prix season, and the Cricket Open coinciding, it seems that this summer has become a boom time for sports fans.

The mass of high profile sporting events occurring all at the same time has meant that this summer more Brits appear to be taking to the streets and gardens to try out their skills. It is estimated that this year there will be £4.65 billion spent by Brits this year on sports and fitness. According to figures from Barclays Insurance, the average person is liable to spend about £206 this year.

While this is good news for gyms and sporting good suppliers, insurance companies are warning that many may end up suffering from unwanted repercussions, with record numbers of sporting injuries and broken windows expected.

Vicky Emmott of Halifax Home Insurance said, “It’s great that young and old alike are inspired by their sporting heroes but it might be safer to take ball games to the local park. Homeowners should definitely make sure they are covered for such events.”

Mark Till, Marketing Director for Barclays Life Insurance, warns, “Many of us spend most of our sporting life sat on the couch watching sport on the TV, but at this time of the year we dip in our pockets to buy new equipment, join clubs and then expect to see a brilliant return for our investment. However, broken equipment and pulled muscles are more often the outcome.”

It has long been recognized that sports participation traditionally surges every year during the summer months as sporting participants are inspired by the major televised sports events. There are however also unfortunate corresponding increases in the number of injuries which occur as a result of sporting activities. While most life or health insurance policies will payout as a result of a sports injury, and household insurance policies usually provide some level of cover for theft or accidental damage to sports equipment, it is worthwhile checking to ensure such activities are included, as frequently, potentially hazardous sports are excluded, and even seemingly safe pastimes like golf can often be excluded from many travel insurance packages.

Whether existing insurance policy holders are looking to take part in sports this summer, or simply watch others on television, it could still be worthwhile checking to see if there is now a better policy out there. With many changes being made within the insurance industry in recent years, as some of the major players started competing on price which has lead to premiums reductions in many insurance products, and with the growth of life insurance comparison services like Moneynet, it has never been it easier for consumers to quickly check the entire market and find these cheaper deals.

Mark Till said, “It might not stop a tennis racket getting broken in a McEnroe moment or a Rooneyesque broken metatarsal, but it will cover you for the outcome.”

Vicky Emmott stated that Halifax expected, “World Cup fever combined with die-hard Wimbledon and cricket fans could lead to our highest level of claims ever for the summer months.”


All information contained in this article, is for general information purposes only and should not be construed as advice under the Financial Services Act 1986.
You are strongly advised to take appropriate professional and legal advice before entering into any binding contracts.

Mortgage boom or bust in the UK

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Apr 162024

Recent talk within the housing market of a possible slow down, marking an end to the mini boom which has been gradually pushing house prices up across the country, seem to have been premature. The latest figures from the British Bankers’ Association (BAA) indicate that mortgage lending for May has just received its biggest boost for more than two years.

David Dooks, BBA director of statistics, said, “May’s rise in net mortgage lending, the largest monthly increase since the rise of £6bn in April two years ago, shows the mortgage market to be very much alive at a time when annual house price growth is strengthening. Overall unsecured lending rose more than the recent monthly average, but a notable aspect within this was a second large net fall in credit card borrowing in the last three months. This contrast between secured and card borrowing reflects customer sentiment.”

The upturn in mortgage lending indicated by the BAA concurs with other recent surveys from the UK’s biggest mortgage lender, the Halifax, which shows house prices increasing again following a period of stagnation.

Howard Archer, from Global Insight economic consultancy, announced that the robust levels of, “Mortgage lending and approvals in May indicate that reports of the death of the ‘mini-boom’ in the housing market are premature.” He also suggested that, “House prices will see further strength in the near term at least, after showing recent tentative signs of coming off the boil.”

This is good news for the main mortgage providers, however research from Direct Line Mortgages indicates that it is not only standard mortgage companies that are set to reap the rewards from this increase in house buying. The online mortgage market was singled out by Direct Line for a huge upturn in popularity; with nearly twice as many people than previous surveyed stating that they would apply for a mortgage online if they knew they were getting the cheapest deal available.

“We believe that the online mortgage market is ready for strong growth in a similar way to the increase in recent times of grocery, music and book shopping online,” said David Dyer, commercial director for Direct Line Mortgages.

“Many people realise that the best way to achieve value for money is to go online, as they do currently when taking out a personal loan. That same philosophy will increasingly apply to buying your mortgage,” he added.

Although people looking for a mortgage appear to value direct personal contact in the initial stages of the mortgage process, Direct Line see consumers’ beginning to make the switch towards internet providers. Following the preliminary advice, consumers are starting to do their own research on the best deals online, through mortgage comparison sites like Moneynet, rather than simply accepting the deals available through the highstreet channels. Large banks such as Barclays and the major mortgage companies which maintain online facilities, along with ultra competitive smaller online mortgage providers are liable to be the biggest winners from the shifting attitudes.

Analysts are however doubtful whether house prices can continually sustain these patterns of strong increases for any extended periods. The affordability of property purchasing has, for many prospective buyers, already been affected adversely by the long term increases in house price inflation which has again reverted to above average earning growth levels. Many industry forecasters are again pointing towards the concerns expressed by housebuyers, especially first time buyers, as evidence of an expected rise in UK interest rates by the year-end.


All information contained in this article, is for general information purposes only and should not be construed as advice under the Financial Services Act 1986.
You are strongly advised to take appropriate professional and legal advice before entering into any binding contracts.

Stop Burning Bridges…Or Your Career Might Go Up In Flames!

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Apr 052024

Hey, nobody said the music business was going to be easy. It truly is a jungle out there filled with: snakes, rats, rabid carnivores, sharks…well, you get the picture. In the course of your musical journey, there will be confrontations, arguments, misunderstandings, and miscommunications. You’ll get jerked around, screwed over, ripped off and disrespected. So, you want to be a rockstar? Welcome to your nightmare.

But this is also a business of good people, who’ll give you opportunities and chances and help you out when you least expect it. That’s why it’s so important that you, as musicians and as a band, act professionally and respectfully regardless of the behavior of those you encounter. You don’t have to be a pushover and of course, you have a right to defend yourself against the questionable actions of others, but the music community can be a very small town and the behavior you exhibit will follow you throughout your musical career.

On the flipside of that, there are musicians out there who, either knowingly or unknowingly bring negativity on themselves through their own actions. Short temperedness, egocentricism, brazen entitlement, compulsive lying and just plain old psychotic behavior can brand your band as troublemakers and deprive you of important opportunities that you need to move forward in this business.

So, how can you make sure that you’re doing onto others as you wish they would do onto you? What can you, as musicians do, to eliminate aspects of your personality that may be causing bad blood between you and the people you run across on your way to superstardom?

The following are a few tips that may help you to make sure you’re exhibiting professional behavior at all times:

1.) Be Timely And Courteous—Whether you’re playing out live or emailing booking inquiries from home, there is never a substitute for courteously or timeliness. At gigs, show up when you’re supposed to, be friendly, treat others with respect, set up quickly, end your set on time, break down quickly, be mindful of other bands on stage, compliment those around you and don’t forget simple things like, “please” and “thank you.” When you leave a positive impression in people’s minds, you’ll be high on their list when it comes time to fill an open booking slot, recommend a band for a review, etc.

2.) Make Sure Your Actions Match Your Words—It’s such a simple thing but you’d be surprised how many musicians seem incapable to doing what they say they’re going to. If you book a gig, show up and play. If you say you’re going to bring twenty friends and fans to your gig, do it. If you reserve an ad in a local music magazine, pay for it. If you write a check, make sure that it doesn’t bounce. If you say you’re going to send out a press package or a CD, mail it. It is true that many people in the music business are distrustful of bands that they don’t know, and with good reason in many instances. Build your good reputation in the industry by proving that you will do what you’ve promised. Start small. Once you’ve gain people’s trust, you’ll see more and more doors opening up for your band.

3.) Take The High Road—It may be tough but there’s nothing to be gained from returning someone’s improper behavior with a heap-load of your own. That doesn’t mean that you need to let every industry slime-bag from New York to LA ride roughshod all over your music project but there are ways to deal with the negative behavior in this business without branding yourself with a label equally as negative. Sending firm yet professional letters, making intelligent and informed phone inquiries and, if need be, taking legal action against those who have acted inappropriately are ways to handle unpleasant situations without drawing negative attention to yourself. Public scenes, yelling and screaming, long-winded and ranting emails, threats and accusations and spiteful actions may make you feel vindicated but it may chase away the good people as well as the bad and that just sets your band back.

4.) You Can’t Undo What You’ve Already Done—It’s much harder to undo past bad behaviors, or reverse negative reputations than it is to foster positive ones. It’s best when starting out to avoid acting rash as a rule. If you have a band member that is incapable of keeping his or her cool, perhaps it’s time to rethink his or her place in your group. The entertainment industry has a long memory and a spiteful tongue. Make sure when people speak of you, they’re speaking well.

This may all seem like such common sense that it isn’t even worth mentioning but you’d be surprised how many shows, interviews, tours, and record deals have never materialized because of burned bridges. You may have talent and great tunes, but if your attitude sucks you’ll get passed over time and again. No one wants to work with rage-aholics, egomaniacs or crazies. Don’t let anyone think that’s what your band is about. Sure it’s important to be creative geniuses but if no one likes you, you’ll be performing your masterpieces in the garage for grandma and her Pomeranian. Get smart and treat people right and you may find yourself rockin’ all the way to the bank.

Top 5 Mistakes That Mean Immediate Failure as a Commercial Real Estate Investor!

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Apr 022024

In any business, one of the best ways to avoid failure is to avoid the things that cause failure. This can be done by identifying the things that cause failure, and avoiding them at all cost!

It is normal to not know everything when getting into a new business, as it takes extensive practice and experience to learn what mistakes to avoid. It is very helpful to have a mentor or someone to identify these mistakes that you should never make.

Here I have identified 5 very serious mistakes that could land you in deep commercial real estate trouble! I have learned by experience, and, unfortunately, not every experience was a good one. If you can avoid learning the hard way, then take this advice, so you do not have to experience the hardships of making any of the following mistakes.

Top Mistake #1: Quitting Your Day Job

It is true that commercial real estate is a solid, tried and true business that can be instrumental in creating the lifestyle of which you have always dreamed. However, when you are just starting out, it can take one to two years to see a profit from your investment (unless, of course, you specialize in quick turning property).

The commercial real estate deals that are going to make you set for the rest of your life involve long term commitments, unlike that of residential, single family houses.

The key is to not stop your monthly cash flow while beginning to invest in commercial real estate. The bills still need to be paid until you have a few commercial real estate deals under your belt, and you can afford, without peril, your everyday living expenses for you and your family.

There will come a time, hopefully sooner than later, that you will not have to work another day in your life, unless, of course, you want to. However, until that day comes, make sure you are making enough money, either through a job, other business, or the much more short term commitment of residential real estate.

Top Mistake #2: Not Hiring an Attorney

Having legal help is one of the most important aspects of commercial real estate investments. Things will go wrong, no matter how careful and astute you are. Legal matters can evolve in places you never think they would, and they can be very costly. In fact, a poorly written contract, an overlooked item, or a difficult buyer/seller, can take you for all that you’ve got.

We have a saying around our office, which is “Hire the best attorney you can’t afford.” A good commercial real estate attorney can keep your business, investments and personal assets safe from any problems that might arise. Whether you use paid legal, or have an attorney that you work with closely all the time, get a good, and yes, expensive attorney to get the job done right the first time. This is an area in which you must not compromise.

Top Mistake #3: Performing Tasks You are Not Qualified to Do

Commercial real estate investors just starting out and those who are seasoned must never do the work of a professional to whom you can pay small amounts of money when compared to the amount of money that can be made on a single deal. It is very tempting to save every dollar possible and do the work of an appraiser, accountant, attorney, property manager and other such real estate professionals.

Leave these items to the professionals, and focus on what you do best: locate deals, put them under contract, and reap the return on your investment. Leave these otherwise mundane tasks to the professionals that make your life much easier. You must position yourself properly in this business, and doing the work of 20 people is not the right approach. You are an investor. Act like a commercial real estate investor, and perform the duties of a commercial real estate investor. The small amount of money you pay to the other professionals to ensure that your business operates properly is well worth it.

Top Mistake #4: Personally Guaranteeing Large Loans

Non-recourse is the only way to go in commercial real estate, unless, of course, you have millions of dollars to lose by personally guaranteeing large loans. Even if you have millions of dollars to personally guarantee large loans, I don’t think you really want to risk losing it to a deal gone bad.

Luckily for us, both public and private lenders understand that personally guaranteeing a $3,000,000.00 loan is a very risky event. That is why the property itself is usually what guarantees the loan. The property is what has the equity and value, not necessarily the person who owns it. If you do personally guarantee a loan, and the deal goes bad, you could literally lose everything! A simple rule: don’t personally guarantee a loan you can’t cover if something goes wrong because things will go wrong. Almost every lender will negotiate non-recourse with a valuable property. With private lenders it may be a little more difficult. If that is the case, avoid the risk, and find another lender who will work with you.

Top Mistake #5: Falling for Sales Pitches

It is very tempting to listen and hang onto every word a broker, agent, or even an owner speaks about their property in the hottest location, with a super motivated seller, and a great upside potential. Really, none of these reasons are worth any value until they are verified.

Always perform a thorough investigation and verify all claims made by the broker, agent or owner. Never move into a deal too quickly without doing the research! You will be sorry because something will go wrong.

Top Reasons Why You Should Do Commercial Real Estate

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Mar 282024

Getting involved with commercial real estate could be the best decision you have ever made. Whether you are currently working within the real estate industry, or are new to the business, commercial real estate is one of the best kept secrets of those already succeeding in the business. The rewards reaped within this industry compare to no other, as you will soon learn.

If you feel commercial real estate is something you are not able to accomplish, I would have to say you are greatly mistaken. With a little knowledge and a great amount of motivation, anyone can succeed in this business. The benefits far outweigh the costs, as you can create a life of which many dream, but never actually experience.

The first great benefit is one that allows you to create a schedule that best fits your personal situation. In commercial real estate you can work full or part-time and still create wealth and equity you never knew was possible!

Commercial real estate can easily be a part-time job that brings in incremental cash flow. You can even start out part-time, and hold a job until you have enough cash flow and money so that, eventually, all you do is commercial real estate.

Commercial real estate as a full-time job allows you to have many benefits such as being your own boss and having the ability to work from home. You can create your very own commercial real estate business and quickly build a strong net worth as well as positive cash flow.

Another great benefit is it does not take years of training, or years of moving up the corporate ladder to be successful. You can start right now, today! You can begin your commercial real estate endeavors whenever you so desire because there are very few barriers of entry to this industry.

Probably the most enticing benefit of commercial real estate is profit. Huge profits, in fact, which can be made with a limited amount of effort. You can make the same amount of money quick turning or selling 100 single family residences as you would make with a single commercial real estate deal. The profits can be astonishing!

It takes the same amount of work for every commercial real estate deal, meaning you must go through the same processes each time. Why not maximize your result and go for the larger returning deals, rather than the smaller ones? Synergy is a key word in commercial real estate, as small changes can yield huge results.

In commercial real estate, your financial investment is very low, perhaps even non-existent. You can purchase property with 100% of other people’s money (OPM), and create large profits for yourself. This is the only industry where there are literally hundreds of millions of dollars just waiting to be borrowed! Find the money and get to investing!
As you can see, commercial real estate meets and exceeds the expectations many people wish they could have in their own career and personal lives. You can make commercial real estate whatever it is you want it to be… a supplemental income or primary career. Take some time and imagine that all these great benefits were yours. How would life be?

If you think commercial real estate is more than you can ever dream of, begin your research and start learning all about it. Find people working in the business, and get acquainted with the investment strategies and methods that can return huge profits in a very short amount of time. Once you truly understand and experience firsthand what commercial real estate has to offer, I know you will look no further for other money-making, equity building, life creating businesses.