Jan 202021

Let’s face it — just about every one of us feels the financial crunch Christmas gifts put on our wallet at Christmas time.

The more we have, the more we’re expected to spend on our Christmas shopping, and the fact of the matter is, some of us really don’t want to spend all that much. That doesn’t mean we don’t want to give our friends and family excellent Christmas gifts — but it does mean we want to do it within a reasonable budget.

If you’re looking for ways to make your Christmas shopping budget stretch like never before, read on…

1. Be an Early Bird

Those who are serious about saving money on Christmas gifts this year really do need to follow the example of the early bird.

If you wait until the last minute to buy your Christmas gifts, you’re really not going to have time to shop for bargains — and there may not even be bargains to be had at that exact point in time. Because of this, start looking for Christmas gifts now so you can jump on the great deals the minute the stores list them.

2. Be One of the Nutcases on Black Friday

I know, I know. We all like to laugh at the people who get up at the crack of dawn on Black Friday (the day after Thanksgiving) to stand in line for the hottest deals of the year.

Don’t be so quick to judge!

Those people who are waiting in line are savings hundreds, maybe even thousands, of dollars on their Christmas gifts. DVD players for fifteen bucks, 14k gold bracelets for $19.99, toys for fifty percent off (and sometimes even free if you meet minimum purchase requirements). What more could you ask for?

On Thanksgiving morning, get the newspaper and start flipping through the store ads. Make a list of what you want, go to bed early on Thanksgiving night and wake up at about 4:00 a.m. on Black Friday.

But wait! Don’t leave your house just yet.

See if the online stores are offering the same deals as the brick-and-mortar stores. You’ll still have to be up early, but you won’t have to leave the house or deal with the crowds. Who knows — you may get every single one of the Christmas gifts on your list for a lot less than you would have paid any other day of the year.

3. Price Match

Okay, let’s talk about Black Friday again. When you’re looking through the Black Friday ads in the local paper, you’re going to notice that the hottest deals are only available between certain hours (usually 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 or 12:00 depending on the store).

How can you possibly hit all of the stores during those times? You don’t have to.

If you see things you want at two different stores and you don’t think you’ll have time to go to both of them, find out if one of the stores offers a price match policy. If they do, make sure they carry the item you want from the other store (make sure it’s the exact same item with the same UPC number, serial number, etc).

If the store price matches and carries the item, just go to that store with the flyer from the other store and get all of your Christmas gifts from the same retailer.

4. Become a Predator

If you really, really want to save money on Christmas gifts this year, you need to become a predator. What is it that you’re going to stalk?

Deals of course!

Take the time to hunt down the deals. Every week between now and Christmas, visit the various deals forums on the Internet and check out what’s going on that particular day or week. You’ll be surprised at the great deals you can on Christmas gifts find by hunting for deals as part of a pack.

You can find lots of great advice on how to save money on your Christmas gifts at WowChristmasGifts.com.

5. Hit the Outlet Malls

Outlet malls can be a great place to shop for Christmas gifts, but not too close to Christmas. Within the next week or so, go to your local outlet mall (even if you have to drive an hour or so to get there).

Many of the stores will be in the process of marking down merchandise to make room for the new stuff that will be coming in during the Christmas season. It’s the perfect opportunity for you to pick up some Christmas gifts at a great price.

6. Shop the Online Pre-Season Sales

Before Thanksgiving, thousands of websites put their items on clearance to get ready for Christmas. This means great savings for you. Don’t be surprised to find a number of online stores offering discounts of 70-percent or more and don’t forget to check out the overstock websites. It’s a great way to get Christmas gifts at unbelievable prices.

7. Regift

Yes, I know, it’s the four-letter word (okay, actually six-letter word) that no one likes to admit to. The fact of the matter is, there’s really nothing wrong with regifting as long as you don’t end up giving your gift back to the person who originally gave it to you, and you think the person will like the gift.

Did you get an expensive candle that you just can’t stand the smell of? Regift it! Did you receive a boutique sweater that you wouldn’t be caught dead in? Give it to Aunt Jan — she’ll adore it. If you’re creative and discreet, regifting is a wonderful way to save tons of money on Christmas gifts.

So now you know exactly what you need to do to save money on Christmas gifts this year. Put the advice to the test. Write down how much you save on every single gift and then total it all up when you’re done shopping.

The total amount you save on Christmas gifts may surprise you!

Jan 102021

Your connectivity with your dear ones depends not only on your mobile phone but on the service offered by your dealer. An unhealthy mobile deal leads to dissatisfaction among users. There are various factors that are kept in mind while availing a mobile phone deal like the tariff plans suitable for you, the reliability of the service provider, the total expense for the deal and many more. All you need to do is simply go for an Orange mobile phone deal and get all these benefits in a cost-effective way.

What you really want with a mobile phone deal is that it should be reasonably priced and should meet your expectations in terms of proper assistance and service. Orange provides you all these benefits once you start availing its services. First of all it provides you a wide range of choices as different packages. There are various plans that includes pay as you go deal, pay monthly mobiles, 12 months free line rental, 6 months free line rental and many more. In many plans you also have the benefit of getting free mobile phone with the deal. You just have to choose the deal suiting your pocket. The rest will be taken care by your Orange dealer.

With an Orange mobile phone deal there is no limit to choose your favorite handset. The dealers will offer you a huge number of mobile phones from different manufacturers. Right from the latest models to the all time favorites, you will get to explore a wide variety of mobile phones. Orange supports most of the world’s leading manufacturers such as Nokia, Motorola, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, LG, Blackberry and so on.

Now getting an Orange mobile phone deal is not at all a tough job. With dealers available online, the method of getting your favorite phone has become easier. You can easily get Orange deal by putting your order online on various websites. There are thousands of online lenders offering Orange phone deals. Different dealers have their own plans and special offers. Make your choice and get the best deal.

Orange because of its versatility and excellent customer service has taken a crucial position in UK mobile market. Right from its start in 1994, it has been serving its customers with choices and varieties and is further planning to expand its services to the other part of the world. There has been a gradual increase in the customer satisfaction level and hence is becoming a leading mobile service provider.

Jan 052021

We all have different credit requirements, and so the credit card companies design various cards to suit. The variant we are interested in here is the student credit card. This card is designed to help any student build their credit rating, and be useful for emergencies, which is ideal for many.

These days a credit card is almost essential for anybody, let alone students, and as such is used for many purposes including making travel arrangements etc. There is a wide selection available, and some students end up with multiple credit cards, and these are the people that are most likely to get into debt problems. The one saving grace is that credit cards for students usually have a fairly low limit, so if they do get into debt, it won’t be too extreme.

A recent study has shown that about 80% of college students own credit cards with a typical balance being around $3500. A worrying thought to ponder is that when many students use their credit cards to buy stuff, they don’t see it as spending real money.

Another worrying trend that has been reported is that a number of students are using their credit cards to top up the money that they have borrowed using student loans.

Do no take the amount you spend on your student credit card lightly. Because if you overspend or miss payments, you will end up paying extra interest, and possibly damage your credit score. This might not seem too important to you now, but trust me, it will be a pain later on in life, as it will cause problems when you come to get a mortgage or auto-loan etc. Don’t ask me how I know.

So, I will sum up by saying that a student credit card can be a very handy tool to have in your locker as you work your way through further education. Just use it responsibly and be aware of the dangers. Also, do some research, there are some good deals out there.

Jan 022021

Christmas is the time to spend with your loved ones and show them how much you care for them. This can be done by showering them with special gifts and celebrate this cheerful occasion with fun and enjoyment. Finding a Christmas gift is not as difficult as you may think. These days’ online mobile phone shops are the best place to find a Christmas gift at affordable prices.

When you start thinking about what to gift your loved ones, it is just about finding their interests. A gift that would appeal anyone with its stylish looks and advanced features making it an all in one device is a mobile phone. You just have to think which model would be right for your loved one. And then just go ahead and gift it and show how much you remember them.

One of the latest mobile phones, Nokia N93 is a perfect Christmas gift, packed with exceptional camera features giving you the best photography experience. Besides browsing the web, you can read your emails and office documents and even play games on the Nokia N93. Get hold of this Nokia mobile phone and gift it for an unbelievable experience.

The new candy bar Nokia N73 is another phone which you can think of gifting as a Christmas gift. The brilliant smartphone is equipped with the 3.2 mega pixel camera, large 2.4 inch display with Carl Zeiss optics making photography easier with features such as capture, zoom and review.

The all-in-one multimedia computer, Nokia N95 boasts a 5 megapixel camera and support for high-speed mobile networks, making it easier to listen to songs, watch and record videos, browse the internet, check emails while on the move.

If you are looking for an ultra-stylish phone that comes with enough features to satisfy your mobile needs, the Samsung D900 is the one.
The handset combines the cutting-edge features into slimmer and slimmer packages. The Samsung E900 is another option for you which is a stylish camera phone that comes with a smooth slide opening mechanism.

Grab the opportunity of getting these latest handsets as a part of contract mobile deals with special discounts and offers.

Jan 012021

London Heathrow is the World’s busiest airport, with around 90 different airlines who between them, offer a choice of over 200 domestic, European and international destinations. Over 67 Million passengers travel through the Airport each year, so it’s hardly surprising that finding the right Heathrow parking to suit your needs can be such a nightmare – time consuming and expensive. However, the key to finding the right parking for your needs, at the right price, is now divulged for your reading pleasure…

There are various Heathrow parking options available to passengers travelling through the Airport depending on budget, length of stay and level of service required. Determining which Heathrow parking option will best suit your needs is the first step:

+ Standard Heathrow Parking
Heathrow short term parking is perfect for collecting or dropping off passengers, or for short trips. Any cars left unattended in the set down or pick up areas, will be towed away by the police and a release fee will be incurred. Therefore, if you need to leave your car unattended, motorists must park in the Heathrow short stay car parks available at each Terminal.

+ Business Heathrow Parking
For travellers that need parking for up to three or four days and require greater speed and convenience, the business car parks are located closer to the terminals than the other Heathrow long term parking options, and offer a more frequent courtesy coach transfer.

+ Heathrow Long Term Parking
For passengers travelling away for more than a few days, Heathrow long term parking is recommended. This is where the minefield begins. There are a huge number of different options available for Heathrow parking, and many companies competing for your business. Keep reading for tips on how to make your Heathrow parking decision and get the best price.

+ Heathrow BAA Parking Options
Long term Heathrow BAA parking is situated in the area surrounding Heathrow Airport and offers secure parking and a courtesy bus transfer that runs every 10 minutes. However, passengers using this option must leave plenty of time as the transfer to the airport takes approximately 20 minutes.

+ Meet and Greet Heathrow Airport Parking
If you find bus transfers and off-site Heathrow parking a hassle, meet and greet Heathrow Airport Parking offers customers a convenient valet service. Amongst many benefits, travellers can check-in within minutes of arriving at the airport and drive away minutes after clearing customs.

+ Heathrow Park & Stay
For passengers that would like to relax before they travel or that have an early flight, park and stay is available at the Hilton Hotel, Terminal 4. The package includes one night in the Hilton hotel and nine days parking.

Now we’ve looked at all the options, ‘how do I make sure I get the best quote to save me money?’, I hear you ask…

+ Choose the best option for your needs: Whether this be standard or business Heathrow parking, Heathrow long term parking, Heathrow BAA parking, meet and greet or park and stay
+ Pre-book: Booking Heathrow parking in advance will secure your parking space
+ Discounts: Online bookings will normally reward you with a further discount
+ Save time, find the right price and compare your options: Use an online Heathrow airport parking price checker to make sure you are not paying over the odds. A price checker enables you to compare parking prices online.

The best Heathrow airport parking price checker that I have found to compare Heathrow airport car parking is www.helpmetravel.co.uk.

+ Truly Independent – so they get the best deals on parking prices and pass them on to you
+ Better Rates – the Company goes direct to the Heathrow BAA parking and other parking operators so they can negotiate better rates
+ Monitor Competitors – to ensure they offer you the best prices
+ Information in one screen shot – so you can instantly see the best option and price for your needs
+ Book online – traipsing around for the best Heathrow parking is a thing of the past!

So next time you travel away, just follow the Heathrow parking tips in this simple guide, and you’re away – more relaxed and with a few extra pennies in your pocket.

Dec 262020

Why do large and progressive businesses outsource? Cost cutting would be the expected answer. Yet, recent studies have shown that such a trend is changing. No.1 reason why companies outsource these days is not just to save but to “Reach Untapped Markets”

Consulting firm PricewaterhouseCoopers stated in their 2005 Global CEO Survey Bold, Ambitious, Careful Choices, that corporations want a shot at getting a niche out of emerging markets especially in China and India. Globalization is now not only viewed as unstoppable, but an asset in the realization of business goals. Samuel DiPiazza, chief executive of PricewaterhouseCoopers International even stated that majority of CEO’s see it as a potential means to get new customers.

Both local and international companies have expressed positive feelings over this shift and only 12% view such a change as negative. Executives in developing countries have welcomed multinational endeavors since they see it as a way to exchange ideas and technologies, even open up business deals with new partners.

Although all eyes are focused on China, other developing countries are being considered by these bosses in their offshore plans. Countries with highly skilled professional individuals adept at the sciences, upbeat and dynamic technologies are at the top of their list. These CEO’s believe they would not only limit their overhead costs by outsourcing, but be able to get consumers who are willing to buy their products and use their services.

There are still concerns raised by these executives regarding offshoring- like too much regulations, trade barriers, small incidents of corruption, but they strongly believe that big benefits far outweigh these challenges. Parts of globalization are risks, but when stakes are good, a larger return on investment is expected. This survey showed that businesses are opting to be flexible and open to long-term changes set to occur and are greatly anticipating such diversification. CEOs are optimistic about the future. 90 percent expressed confidence in their companies’ prospects for revenue growth over the next 12 months. Nearly 40 percent are also engaged in offshoring or planning to do so.

PricewaterhouseCoopers’ 8th Annual Global CEO survey includes 1,300 CEOs in over 40 countries during the last 3 months of 2005. Chief executives survey breakdown indicates 25% worked for corporations with a turnover of $1bn a year and more, while half were leading firms that had a turnover of less than $500m.

Dec 222020

At present, commercial mortgages are the ideal way to finance the development of businesses, as they provide flexible and affordable financing solutions. For businesses confronted with severe financial difficulties, commercial mortgages are the best way to avoid bankruptcy and to re-achieve stability in the market; for growing businesses, commercial mortgages are perfect for financing business changes and improvements. Commercial mortgages can be used for a variety of purposes, such as: the purchase of business premises expansion, residential and commercial investment, property development, meeting the lenders’ criteria, etc.

Commercial mortgages basically refer to loans made using real estate properties as guarantee for repayment. Although commercial mortgages have similarities with residential mortgages, in the case of commercial loans the collateral (the security pledged for the repayment of the loan) is a type of commercial building or a business real estate, not a type of residential property. Consequently, commercial mortgage deals are generally closed by businesses, not individuals, and unlike in the case of residential mortgages, borrowers have to present with solid credibility and creditworthiness in order to receive a substantial loan.

The terms and conditions of commercial mortgages greatly vary from a regional perspective; for instance, commercial mortgage policies in the United States differ from those closed in the UK in aspects such as the length of the loan, the length of time allowed until balloon payment (total payoff of the loan) and so on. However, the most pronounced variations of commercial mortgages are in areas such as interest rates, which are established by the local market.

In order to get the most out of a commercial mortgage, it is crucial to pay the right attention to interest rates, the duration of the loan and the repayment schedule stipulated in the contract (these are interrelated variables that can substantially influence the quality and the efficiency of any underwritten commercial mortgage). It is important to note that there is no right or wrong way to negotiate the conditions of a commercial mortgage; however, it is crucial to opt for the repayment plan that best suits your business’ needs and your financial possibilities.

Commercial mortgage interest rates can be categorized in two distinctive groups, each having specific advantages and disadvantages: commercial fixed rates and commercial variable interest rates. Commercial fixed interest rates are ideal on the premises of continuously rising interest rates on the market; they are preferred by business owners who want to stabilize the monthly payment amount. By choosing a commercial fixed rate, one can also incur an “early redemption charge” (ERC), which basically acts like this: after the previously established fixed rate period of repayment has expired, the borrower benefits from an extended period of repayment, with the condition to pay a variable rate established by the lender from that point on. The ERC has been adopted by many categories of commercial loan providers, thus allowing borrowers to overcome any emerging financial problems during the period of repayment.

The commercial variable interest rate is primarily influenced by the changes in the base rate established by the Bank of England. This type of commercial interest rate also fluctuates according to the local market rates and other factors, and should be avoided in highly unstable markets. Before choosing commercial variable interest rates for your loan, it is crucial to do an extensive research of the market in order to efficiently forecast the short-term and long-term evolution of the market interest rates. If the market prediction is favorable and the interest rates are expected to drop significantly, then the variable interest rate is the indicated choice; otherwise, one should opt for the fixed interest rate.

The process of closing the right commercial mortgage deal has many subtleties and involves performing an entire series of specific tasks. In order to get the most out of a taken commercial mortgage and to overcome any impediments over the period of the loan, it is crucial to employ the services of a prominent, highly reputed commercial mortgage brokerage company.

Dec 192020

Mobile phones have become indispensable in today’s world. Whether it is the camera phones, the imates or the MDA’s, mobile phones are the modern gizmos without which our lives are unimaginable.

Mobile phone deals have facilitated mobile buying like never before. Many easy and cheap mobile phone deals are available online. All you need to do avail online mobile phone deals is to go online, browse through the various deals and choose the one that fits your requirements the most.

Contract mobile phones offer you the best and the latest handsets from Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericsson and Motorola. You get these handsets at affordable tariff plans at free line rentals, free accessories and free insurance. You can even get a handset free of cost. Online market is now flooded with these offers. Many leading service providers like Vodafone, Virgin and T-mobile are offering lucrative contract mobile phone deals. All that needs to be done to buy a contract mobile phone is to sign up with the specific service provider.

Many things have to be kept in consideration when availing these deals. You can workout your own profile, whether you need more video messages or more talktime or more SMS’s. Apart, from your requirements and preferences, you should also take your budget into consideration. The online mobile shops allow you to compare the prices of different mobile phone deals and choose the best one. Infact, with the competition on the rise among the service providers mobile phone deals are updated regularly.

So, you have to be on a constant look out for the best deal. The various examples of deals that are available are 12 month free line rental deals, half line rental deals etc. At the end of the tariff period you can upgrade to a higher tariff plan if you so desire. Mobile phone deals have really bought mobile buying within the comforts of our homes.

Dec 152020

For people that haven’t lived a lot of years it’s hard to believe that a couple of decades ago you had to actually go to the dealership whenever you needed some car accessories.

Back in those days, there were specialized shops and mail order catalogs where you could find stuff. Even when automobile parts and accessories became more readily available, the prices remained high. What is wrong?, many people asked.

Factories that produce car parts and accessories know they will sell whatever they make. They know that lots of people need it. Even automotive resellers raised the prices, knowing that those who needed the stuff would certainly buy it. So, for us ordinary car owners, it ends up that the accessories and things we need are inordinately expensive.

A few years back, along came the internet. BOOM! Things suddenly changed, and the changes were good for you and me, the consumers. Now, all over the web there are dealers selling the exact same things for a fraction of what you would pay at a dealership or reseller.

For a reasonable price you can get everything from engine parts to quality windshield covers and save money.
You don’t even have to leave the comfort of your own home. The time you had to load your trunk with heavy, expensive stuff is over. Now you can sit down and relax with your cup of coffee and the TV on and shop and order what you want online. It will be delivered straight to your door in matter of days.

Her are some tips for taking advantage of this great deal:

-Scour the web for good deals on all the car parts you need. You will find amazing deals that leave your local store in the dust.

-You don’t have to toss and turn at night anymore, worrying about how you are going pay for all those things you need for your car.

-You will have your mind blown by these prices. Keep looking and expect low prices, and you will find things so dirt cheap you won’t believe it!

Dec 112020

“Don’t open a shop, unless you like to smile.” This Chinese proverb seems to be finding many quality takers when it comes to online shopping. There were no second thoughts ever on the importance of having a smiling customer and the fact has only been accentuated over the years.

If online shopping is a buzzword, it is consumers who have inflated the air surrounding it and created the aura. But as it goes, privileges are accountable for responsibilities and truly so the onus lies on online shoppers to identify and segregate from the myriads of online shopping websites, the one which is apropos to their needs, fair in its deals and believe in transparency rather than obscurity of information. Phew!!! Is it too much to ask for or can be attributed as a fair amount of attentiveness on the part of online shoppers. The answer does not lie in spontaneity but demands observation, comparison and above all patience which needless to say lie in the domain of consumers.

There are certain key questions that a consumer needs to answer before deciding on an online shopping website to buy a product (viz. gifts, clothes, gadgets, mobiles) or services (e.g. secured loans, unsecured loans, life insurance, home insurance etc.). How safe are the information which he is putting in while registering or shopping with a website, the quantity and quality of retailers listed, how competitive are the deals offered (here one needs to compare it with other websites for discounts and cashbacks) and last but not the least how true to its words that website is?

The idea is not to be apprehensive but to be careful, attentive and aware. Online shopping has certainly gained momentum and the consumers need to keep the pace with these websites and make the most out of the options available rather than getting disconcerted.