Aug 122020

Mobile phones are no longer only a communication tool, they have become the way of life. If you walk down the street of your city, you would find hardly any person who doesn’t have a mobile phone. Over the last few years, the popularity of mobile phones has unexpectedly risen. Today, high-end mobile phones are selling like hot cakes. New generation needs everything to be as fashionable as them, as agile as them. So, why would mobile phones lag behind? Companies like Nokia, Samsung, LG, Benq Siemens, Sony Ericsson are unveiling state-of-the-art mobile phones each passing day. So, choices for you have also increased.

While Nokia N-series was the talk of the town last year ( still going strong ), Nokia 2875i, Nokia 3250, Nokia 5500 Music, Nokia 6085, Nokia 6126, Nokia 6133, Nokia 7360, Nokia 6290 Black, Nokia 6300, Nokia 7390 Bronze are expected to be the highlights of Nokia’s coming soon mobile phones. In coming soon mobile phones, upgraded versions of Nokia N-series mobile handsets are likely to set the mobile market scenario on fire. These handsets include Nokia N70 Music, Nokia N73 Music and Nokia N91 8GB.

The coming soon mobile phones include some other mobile handsets from companies like Samsung, Motorola, Sony Ericsson and LG. Some of the mobiles from these companies under the coming soon mobile phones section are Samsung S501i, Samsung Z370, Samsung Z620, Samsung E420, Samsung E500 Gold, Samsung F300, Samsung X830 Blue, Motorola A1000, Motorola A910, Motorola L7e, Moto Razr Maxx, Motorola V1100, Motorola ROKR E6, Sony Ericsson Z310i Bronze, Sony Ericsson K610iM, LG CU500, LG KU800, LG U830 Chocolate and the list goes o and on.

T Mobile, Orange, O2 are also all set to shower lucrative deals on coming soon mobile phones. If you are really interested in buying a handset that suits your needs and budget, then there is no better way than waiting for sometime and get the best deal out of coming soon mobile phones.

Aug 092020

Mobile phones have become an important part of our lives. Over the years, the need for mobile phones have got such a momentum that no one can imagine life without a mobile phone today. Mobile phones are virtually creating thread to the camera makers as well the MP3 player makers by launching multimedia handsets which are capable of taking photos and playing music. And the thing is that no one wants to keep separate devices to fulfill their multimedia needs if they get everything in a single device. That’s the plus point with the mobile phones.

Let us a set a question first! Which mobile brand we trust the most? What you are thinking? Is that Nokia? You may not agree, but majority of us will go for Nokia because Nokia has established such a reputation in the increasingly competitive mobile market. Other brands like Sony Ericsson, Samsung, LG, Motorola and Benq Siemens are also doing good business but Nokia still tops the popularity chart. Nokia mobile phones have been highly appreciated world-over for their features and user-friendliness. Nokia mobile phones consume less battery compared to the other handsets-many people acknowledge that. Above all, Nokia mobile phones are always power-packed with some trendsetting features.

Last year, Nokia created ( still going strong ) huge sensation among people by launching its N-series range of mobile handsets like Nokia N70, Nokia N71, Nokia N72, Nokia 73, Nokia N91, Nokia 92 and Nokia 93. Nokia N95 has just hit the market. N97 is yet to be released. If you are interested in getting cheap Nokia mobile phone deals, it will be wise on your part to spend some time and do some online search. Online mobile phone shops like Mobilerainbow, e2save, Dial-a-Phone, Carphone Warehouse Phoneboxdirect are offering very cheap and attractive mobile phone deals on Nokia N-series and other Nokia handsets. Compare the different tariffs from different online shops before you embark on your mobile phone deals.

Aug 072020

Today, taking a cheap cruise doesn’t mean having to do without certain luxuries associated with cruise ship travel. In fact, these days, the term cheap basically means getting all the optional extras at a bargain price.

The good news for prospective cruise travellers is these bargain holiday deals are happening all the time and if you follow some basic guidelines, then your next high seas adventure could be just around the corner.

Finding Cheap Cruise Deals

If you are working on a budget then consider travelling during off peak times. These are the high demand periods when cruise lines don’t have any problems filling their passenger quotas and are less inclined to “slash” prices. Summer is a season when people are very much in holiday mode and more likely to want to travel. Concentrating on periods such as the end of summer and beginning of fall will more likely get you a cheap cruise deal that fits well within your budget.

It’s these times when companies are keen to fill their cabins so they offer incentives such as lower prices. The good news for you is that despite the cheaper fares, the quality of the cruise holiday is in no way diminished.

Planning Your Cheap Cruise

Some careful planning is required when looking for a cheap cruise. Obviously, consulting a travel expert is the natural inclination for most people and always a good option. However, more experienced travellers have used the internet to great effect in recent years.

There are no shortage of cruising websites to sift through online, all with the aim of providing you with as much information as possible to make an informed decision. One of the best features online is the alert features offered by some of these sites. Look for newsletter offers; you sign up for a regular newsletter at varying intervals and receive the latest bargain offers. Some sites even provide price alert features which means you enter details such as how much you want to spend, where you want to go and when you want to travel.

Cruise Line Updates

Cruise companies also offer services such as regular updates. As with third party websites, companies also provide information services which will keep you updated about impending offers. The point to remember is cruise lines in most cases will do their best, within reason, to get you on their ships because setting off from port with many empty cabins simply doesn’t make good business sense.

There are more cruise ships on the water today therefore more cabins to fill. Bigger ships and more competition for passengers among companies means better deals for you. Just remember, create a budget, sign up for price alerts, avoid high season travel and be flexible with your travel schedule and you’ll be surprised at the number of cheap cruise deals you’ll have to choose from.

Jul 312020

Anybody can invest and get the market rate of return, even my 84 year old grandmother who probably does not even know what stocks are. All you have to do is invest in something like a total stock market index fund. In fact doing this, you will beat around 70% of all the active fund managers.

However, if you want to do better than the market, you better have a plan. Covered Calls is a way to do so.

Covered calls are the most conservative of all the various option strategies. It seems pretty simple but, many people have trouble making money with them. Most of their problems are one of four things: (1) failure to properly screen good CC candidates (2) failure to monitor and manage your positions once in them (3) not being in enough positions to be diverse and (4) not trading with enough money and thus commissions and taxes take most or all of your profits.

(1) Failure to properly screen positions
I use OptionsXpress and they are great, but at the time of this writing, their covered call screener is lacking. The best one I have found is at Option Monitor. It costs only $35 per month and can screen for about twenty different items. The very useful ones that I use that OptionsXpress do not have are percentage in or out of the money, market capitalization, and percentage above or below the 52wk high or low. Paying another service around $60 or more per month so they can use their “special screener” to show you pre-screened choices is a waste of your money.

Some CC writers just starting out (like myself) go to a site like and look at the highest yielding CC positions and go to town. This is an absolute recipe for disaster (I lost 40% in three days, luckily I was paper trading). Those stocks are WAY too volatile and are usually tiny medical related companies. A good CC trader should be very picky in which positions he is going to use.

(2) Management
I learned about CC’s from a guy who was trading during the roaring bull market in 1999-2000 and got absolutely slammed when the market crashed. One of the fundamental things he did wrong was that he failed to set STOP orders for his positions and ended up loosing about 70-80% after he couldn’t produce cash for margin calls. Determining your exit strategy is absolutely vital to any CC trader.

Another item that deals with management is rolling up, down, or out. Some CC traders look at just their account balance to see how they are doing.

If your stock has gone down but is still good fundamentally, is rolling down a good option? What if the option has lost all of its time value and rolling out right now can lock in your profit? The bottom line is that you can not just look at the current prices in your account and determine if you should do anything. You need a calculation tool to tell you when you should make management decisions.

I have created and currently use an excel spreadsheet that I think is fantastic. It calculates all the items you would need for a covered call strategy.

The best part is that it automatically updates for the current price of the stock and option
requires internet connection (obviously), Office 2003, and MSN Money Stock Quotes Add-in (free).
If unable to install add-in (a firewall), the program updates via a web query.

So I generally don’t even go to my brokerage website unless making a trade. I simply update the prices in my covered call calculator and see if I need to take any action.

(3) Diversification
Next is how many positions to trade with? This is a very important question. A great book by Burton G Malkiel, A Random Walk Down Wall Street, has a great explanation about the differences between systematic and unsystematic risk. To summarize, systematic risk is the fundamental risk of the market as a whole. Since the market has risk and all stocks follow the market to an extent, systematic risk CAN NOT BE DIVERSIFIED AWAY. Systematic risk is the risk of the market.

Unsystematic risk is the risk of individual companies such as them getting sued, the CEO getting caught lying to shareholders, or inventing a miracle drug. It is this unsystematic risk that can be diversified away. So how many positions should you get into?

The above book has a graph that unsystematic risk goes down exponentially to zero after twenty stocks (how he got twenty I am not sure, but it makes sense). So should you get into twenty positions? No, because CC’s offer downside protection. My personal feeling is at least five, but preferably seven to ten. More than ten is fine, but I think you are all ready diversified enough and are just wasting your time and trading expenses.

If a CC trader does not take diversification into account, he/she is asking for trouble. Just like an “investor” needs to be diversified, so does a covered calls “trader”. Therefore, you need to develop some sort of method to track which industries you are currently in. A great way to do that is to use my covered call calculator. In it there is a section to enter the industry so you do not forget which industries you are all ready invested in.

(4) Money Management
Covered calls have their disadvantages, to think otherwise is naive. One of them is that you have double the amount of trades than just owning stock and thus commissions are around twice as much (but usually more since option commissions are generally higher)

Also, if done outside an IRA, there will be short term capital gain tax rates

“Capital gains on assets held for a year or less are taxed at your ordinary income tax rate (anywhere from 28% to 39.6%, depending on your specific ordinary tax rate).
Capital gains on assets held for more than a year are taxed at a reduced tax rate of 20%”

At the time of this writing, OptionsXpress charges $12.95 for an option buy or sell (but $0 for being called out) and $9.95 for a stock (these are both the active trader discount, both go up to $14.95 without the active, however if you do not qualify for this, you are not following rule #3). So the minimum transaction cost per position is (2x$9.95 + $12.95) $32.85.

The following is an explanation of how much you should invest in per position taking into account taxes and trading costs. Let us assume a standard profit of 3% per position (this is very reasonable). The following is how much money 3% is for different amounts of position values.
– $2000 – $60
– $3000 – $90
– $4000 – $120
– $5000 – $135
Make the decision for yourself, but my cut-off is a minimum of $4500 per position. However, the more the better. (note that this $4500 is the net debt per position i.e. stock minus option premium)

How do you know what the total “cost basis” is for a position before you enter it? Easy, just use my Covered Call Calculator and enter the starting prices and number of contracts and it will tell you.

So the final question is how much money you should you start out with. Based on $4,500 per position and having five positions leaves $11,250 trading on full margin. Note that this does not take into account a positions where you are forced to put more money than $4500 since you are forced to place orders in increments of 100 shares (which is a certainty).

Taking the above into account therefore a good amount of money to begin trading is $15,000. Anything less, you must accept that extra risk.

Jul 192020

The Capability Maturity Model (CMM) is a methodology used to develop and refine an organization’s software development process. The model describes a five-level evolutionary path of increasingly organized and systematically more mature processes. CMM was developed and is promoted by the Software Engineering Institute (SEI), a research and development center sponsored by the U.S. Department of Defense. SEI was founded in 1984 to address software engineering issues and, in a broad sense, to advance software engineering methodologies. More specifically, SEI was established to optimize the process of developing, acquiring, and maintaining heavily software-reliant systems for the DoD. Because the processes involved are equally applicable to the software industry as a whole, SEI advocates industry-wide adoption of the CMM.

The CMM is similar to ISO 9001, one of the ISO 9000 series of standards specified by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). The ISO 9000 standards specify an effective quality system for manufacturing and service industries; ISO 9001 deals specifically with software development and maintenance. The main difference between the two systems lies in their respective purposes: ISO 9001 specifies a minimal acceptable quality level for software processes, while the CMM establishes a framework for continuous process improvement and is more explicit than the ISO standard in defining the means to be employed to that end.

Levels of the CMM:

Maturity Level 1 – Initial

Maturity Level 2 – Repeatable
• Requirements Management
• Software Project Planning
• Software Project Tracking and Oversight
• Software Subcontractor Management
• Software Quality Assurance
• Software Configuration Management

Maturity Level 3 – Defined
• Organization Process Focus
• Organization Process Definition
• Training Program
• Integrated Software Management
• Software Product Engineering
• Intergroup Coordination
• Peer Reviews

Maturity Level 4 – Managed
• Quantitative process management
• Software quality management

Maturity Level 5 – Optimizing
• Defect prevention
• Technology change management
• Process change management
• Structure of CMM
• Maturity Levels

Framework of Capability Maturity Model:
A layered framework providing a progression to the discipline needed to engage in continuous improvement (It is important to state here that an organization develops the ability to assess the impact of a new practice, technology, or tool on their activity. Hence it is not a matter of adopting these; rather it is a matter of determining how innovative efforts influence existing practices. This really empowers projects, teams, and organizations by giving them the foundation to support reasoned choice.)

Key Process Areas
Key process area (KPA) identifies a cluster of related activities that, when performed collectively, achieve a set of goals considered important.

The goals of a key process area summarize the states that must exist for that key process area to have been implemented in an effective and lasting way. The extent to which the goals have been accomplished is an indicator of how much capability the organization has established at that maturity level. The goals signify the scope, boundaries, and intent of each key process area.

Common Features
Common features include practices that implement and institutionalize a key process area. These five types of common features include: Commitment to Perform, Ability to Perform, Activities Performed, Measurement and Analysis, and Verifying Implementation. Key Practices
The key practices describe the elements of infrastructure and practice that contribute most effectively to the implementation and institutionalization of the key process areas.

Jul 162020

Your child is born with special needs to cater to. The kid requires as much material support as it requires emotional attention. Obviously, the parents want only the best for their child. However, ‘the best’ comes at a price. In the good old days, people usually did not have too many resources to provide their kids with every comfort in the world. But with double-income parents and small families on the rise, the parents feel that the good times must be shared with their tiny-tots. Resultantly, the furniture requirements of the children’s room have undergone varied optional changes.

Gone are the days, when the kids were stuck on a single-bed till they attained adulthood. The furniture designing companies have come up with an innovative idea of 3-in-1 bedroom set ideally suited for all ages till the child becomes a man or a woman. These sets are so designed that when a crib is no longer needed, it can be converted into a toddler bed, which can then be converted into a single, full or queen-sized bed. This was just a simple illustration of the kind of innovation being undertaken in this rapidly growing segment of furniture market.

Antique furniture made of Amish handcrafted furniture should never be lost sight of when selecting the furniture for your kid. Amish made furniture, that is time tested, presents plethora of advantages over the modern fancy furniture. The strength and sturdiness of Amish furniture makes for an ideal choice for your kid’s unique requirements of playing, jumping and hopping over the furniture. Amish Oak furniture also ensures that your kid grows in the natural environment and appreciates the craftsmanship that goes into making every unique Amish furniture article. From the safety point of view, always avoid heavily painted furniture in your kids’ room.

Another aspect that goes into buying an ideal set of furniture article for your kids’ comfort is space management. The space is always available at a premium for working couples. It is quite possible that the kids’ room is extremely short on space. Convertible furniture always comes in handy when space is the priority. Toys and clothes can be accommodated in the attractive drawers and chesters. The idea is to look for vertical space in the room, as horizontal space is not easily available.

A very good choice for children specific furniture is to use designer-made cubicles. It will obviously save a lot of space and also help children learn to organize themselves a bit better. These cubicles and drawers come in all attractive colors with on-board games that always keep children interested. Always make sure that the furniture in your kids’ room resonates positive vibes with attractive color combinations. Bright colors are ideally suited for the children’s room furniture.

Lastly, the value of good market research in the choice of children’s furniture can never be underestimated. The best price deals can only be extracted if you know the market well. Your local furniture showrooms, bulk furniture suppliers, business yellow pages and Internet are few leads that should help you decide the best course for your furniture needs.

Jul 082020

In a world full of controversies, everybody is trying to make a fashion statement on his own. We live in a world driven by the fashion sense and every day new ideas are presented to us in various ways. There are a lot of factors that affect the way people dress.

Designer clothing is the icon of fashion. Famous designers and stylists come up with trendy outfits and offer us only clothes made from high-quality materials. Our society relies on fashion as a form of expression; this is why designer clothing is so popular nowadays.

We all buy clothes and accessories because it is in our human nature to express ourselves in every way possible. The Internet helped to the development of fashion industry by presenting online the latest trends and styles. There are many famous names in the fashion world and their products are sometimes astonishing. They manage to combine cutting-edge technology with incredible fabrics and create the designer clothing we all crave for.

When you purchase designer clothing from an online virtual store, you may be sure that is all worth it. Their products are only the best and with every outfit you know that you get not only quality but also comfort.

Today, we tend to consider women as the persons most involved in the fashion industry. They take so much time in carefully putting together their outfits and searching for the perfect accessories that it would be impossible not to consider them ideal for fashion stylists.

Fortunately, men are also starting to reconsider their position when it comes to fashion. There are many men who enjoy buying designer clothing and checking out the latest trends. Manufacturers have always known how powerful the sector of mens designer clothing is. Nowadays, they strive to create original apparel for the modern and attractive man and they are extra careful to every detail.

Mens designer clothing includes various products such as: suits, jackets, trousers and footwear. Going online one can find the best deals available and make a nice purchase. Men’s clothing has come up a long way and is no longer just a necessity. Today, men dress just as women do, after the latest fashion trends and they are fully aware of what fashion sense is all about.

Fashion gained a whole new meaning with the explosion encountered in mens designer clothing. Men started to wear sophisticated outfits in order to highlight their social status and look after diversity. Also, they took advantage of the possibility of shopping online and searching for the most recent styles. They acknowledged the importance of accessories such as: stylish sunglasses, brand-name shoes and leather belt matching their suits.

The Internet has helped them understand the significance of fashion variety and the concept of haute couture. Mens designer clothing started to become an industry on its own and online shopping stores made the buying process less complicated. Men were able to shop and find all kinds of clothes no matter if they were in search of formal or casual outfits. Along with various accessories presented, they managed to find everything they wanted.

When we think of fashion, we must consider it as a daily part of our lives. We are all under its influence and no matter what we say; we all care about how we dress and what our clothes are saying. The fashion world is constantly changing and the best thing we could do is to follow up the modifications. Centuries ago, a famous French king stated that fashion is a mirror. Today, this statement is more accurate than ever.

Jul 072020

Giving a vent to one’s feelings and expressions is not an easy task. Art is one form that can be made use of in different aspects to express various events and happenings. Different people have different likings and mostly art lovers prefer that the wonderful pieces of art should adorn their living and sitting rooms. The art world is populated with large number of artists who are striving to get the recognition that are due to their wonderful work, but we all know that recognition in any field does not come easy. Miroslav Klabal, better known in the world of art as Mirek Klabal, is an art dealer who helps out anyone who is looking to buy or sell genuine art pieces.

Miroslav Klabal and his wife Maryann Klabal own MK Fine Arts, an amazing art gallery in New York. The art gallery is a source for all art lovers to buy, sell and see art pieces made by world renowned artists. MK Fine Art is renowned and well known among all the art lovers as this is the hub of many activities in the art world. MK Fine Arts is the not the only organization that Miroslav Klabal and Maryann Klabal are associated with, they are associated with several charities as well. They are particularly concerned about children who are underprivileged and do not have access to even the basic requirements. This is the reason why they are more inclined towards donations that support disadvantaged children and their cause.

Imagine how you would feel if you buy a wonderful piece of art spending lots of money and time, and then find out that that this piece is fake. This can be really heart breaking for any person. So if you are one who is looking to buy art pieces, take provisions to ensure that you do not land up with a fake art piece. Mirek Klabal can be your source for acquiring and buying genuine art pieces. The one thing that you can be assured of while buying art pieces from Mirek Klabal is that you will never have to doubt about the authenticity of the art piece. It is bound to be original as this is the only kind of art piece that he deals with.

Different people see, conceive and receive art in different ways based on their understanding of events and situations. So the expression of one artist may not appeal to you, but this does not mean that the work of none of the artists will appeal to you. You can go to MK Fine Arts and go through the different collection of art masterpieces which he has and you are bound to find out one that appeals to your senses and your understanding of art. The baseline is that art has expanded to such a huge area that one will surely find out stuff which they like in some form of art or the other. Miroslav Klabal and Maryann Klabal always make sure that people who are searching for art masterpieces actually find out what they are looking for.

Jul 042020

Want a sober and gorgeous mobile phone with cutting-edge technology; pause! Samsung mobile phones unveil high quality LCD displays, rocking ringing tones, digital cameras, music players and well equipped multimedia gadgets. Undoubtedly, Samsung mobile phone is the ultimate choice of the UK people. But in the highly competitive UK mobile market, this is not the only option left for the people. Of late, customers are looking for offers and gifts at the purchased product and that too at an affordable price. The outcome is the creation of online mobile phone shops and retailing sites. These online retailers have offered mobile phones and accessories and at the same time provided various deals on network providers to help the users to prevent them from flat phone bills and access all the services of mobile phones.

The majority of the mobile phone users in the UK have used contract mobile phone deal which is long-term and users can get benefits for a longer period. As Samsung mobile phone lists the top, the online retailers have offered contract mobile phone on Samsung to attract the customers with lots of offers and gifts. The success of Contract mobile phone on Samsung is overwhelming owing to its lower churn rate, better margin than its competitors and flexible plans and tariffs.

On contract mobile phone Samsung, the users can select a service provider and enter in an agreement with that service provider for a period of 12-18 months. Subsequently, users are offered with free SMS for a particular period, free daytime calls and minutes, free roaming, free loadable screensavers and wallpapers, free mobile phone insurance and even free Samsung handset on Contract mobile phone Samsung. The users of Samsung have definitely reacted positively on contract mobile phone deal as they can use their freely for chatting, downloading and sending at a stretch at the most subsidized rates. Since it is a long term contract; the users are not allowed to shift to another contract before the completion of the term. But they can upgrade their phones freely after a certain period.

The models of Samsung are regarded as the world’s slimmest handsets that come with clamshell or slide opening mechanisms. Consequently, a large number of people prefer Samsung mobile phones that include Samsung C120, Samsung D900, Samsung E900, Samsung X700, Samsung Z400 and many more. With the availability of contract mobile phone in the UK, the Samsung mobile phones offer network and connectivity very smoothly and perfectly. The users can get contract mobile phone deal on Samsung on all the leading network providers like Vodafone, Orange, T-Mobile, 3Mobile and more which are highly reliable.

So stop thinking and browse Internet to visit online mobile phone shops and retailing sites where you can get the detailed information on contract mobile phone and its offerings. Simultaneously, the users can get free mobile accessories like car kits, chargers, batteries etc on Samsung contract mobile phone.

Jul 012020

Looking for the latest fashion accessory? Get yourself the ultimate mobile phone with eye-catching design, vivacious colours and outstanding specification details. Sign up for the best and cheapest mobile phone deals and get access to additional benefits.

With technology evolution and the fast-growing demand of mobile phones, the manufacturing giants make you available to a variety of options of mobile phone features. So you can select your handset on the basis of different features. Nokia N-series phones enable you to enjoy advanced mobile photography. For an enhanced musical experience, the Walkman series mobile phones from Sony Ericsson are perfect choice for you. When it comes to style and fantastic looks, Motorola and Samsung phones are simply unbeatable. So compare the features and choose your desired mobile phone.

The latest mobile phone deals are like icing on top of your cake! Shop online to get more out of your contract deal. Browse through different online phone shops to know more about the hot mobile phone deals from top online shops and Mobile Outlet.. Go through the list of latest mobile phones put on display in these shops. Check out the cheap contract deals available with the mobile phones of your choice. You can avail attractive packages from the numerous tariff plans provided by network services like three Vodafone, Virgin, O2, T-mobile and Orange. The special offers include free text messages and minutes, free line rental for 10-12 months, cash backs, free connection, free insurance, and lots more.

With so many irresistible offers and mobile phone deals up for grabs in the market, mobile phone deals can’t get any better than this. So what are you waiting for? Select your handset and sign up for the best contract deal available with it. Get hold of the latest mobile phone and make your own style statement.