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Choosing the best home theater system can be a daunting prospect for the uninitiated. The idea of home theater is an appealing thought but do you know where to start?

Did you know home theater is basically made up of a television and DVD player. That’s the basic set-up. Taking it to the next step will involve a good speaker system, projection unit, chairs, wall memorabilia and even a projection screen. Starting to sound a little complicated isn’t it?

Setting up a home theater area should be a gradual process. If you have the budget then you are in a great position to go out and get what you want from the outset. This article is aimed at those people with a budget and the ability to get set up reasonably quickly, provided you have an area designated for your new project.

Best Home Theater

Naturally, you’ll look at televisions firstly. Picture quality, color, sharpness and of course price. How will the television fit into the whole scheme of things? Will the area designated for your best home theater set up support a 32 inch screen or can it support something a little bigger, say in the 50 inch and over range?

You’ll be presented with various styles of TVs. Flat screen, LCD, Plasma or rear projection. The choice is vast. Do some comparison shopping before you decide and look out for major storewide sales. For those ready to buy, consider Panasonic’s range of plasmas. While they may be minus a couple of features they present excellent picture quality, which in the end is what it’s all about. It’s worth talking to a sales rep about them.

Speaker System

Your speaker set up is important. After all it’s home theater and you want the best sound. Like televisions, shopping for speakers can be a little daunting for the inexperienced. You could initially settle for a cheaper set of speakers for about $200 and still enjoy great sound or if the budget allows, look at the more expensive surround sound units for a $1000 or over such as the Denon S-301. For those with really expensive taste then it’s worth a look at the Bang & Olufsen range.

DVD And Projector

A DVD player is an essential part of a home theater set up. DVDs come in all shapes and sizes today and choosing one to suit your needs should be a relatively easy process. Whether you choose just a play function unit or one with recording capabilities is entirely your decision but price may ultimately dictate your decision.

Projection units for those planning to establish their home theater systems over time may be put on the “back burner” until funds allow however, they will form the basis of any best home theater system. Again, prices vary but for good quality you may be asked to part with any amount over $1500.

We mentioned comparison shopping earlier. That’s a good way to tackle your best home theater project. Electronics can vary significantly in price from one outlet to another as stock issues come into play and deals need to be done in a hurry.

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