Mar 082024

The History
American Satellite and Entertainment Inc. has been founded in 1996, in the years where satellites had already been introduced, yet had plenty of aspects that needed to be developed and improved. The market was existent, yet new; it was the perfect time for a new company to enter this field, and wage war on other retailers. The area of expertise of American Satellite ranges from satellites, broadcasts, DirectTV, Satellite Internet as well as HDTV and (according to recent press releases issued by American Satellite) even GPS navigational systems. With more than 4,000 licensed and trained installers who are in turn available throughout 39 states, American Satellite has become quite a prominent giant of the satellite business. Whether they are number one or the best of the bests is not important, but we should rather focus on how reliable the service is.

Price Matching
A point that surfaces quite often when discussing about companies, retailers and everyday stores is the following: “Will business X personally guarantee the lowest price available on the market?” The answer to this question is: “Yes, American Satellite does match the lowest available price.” However, you should be aware that this is not as simple as walking in the store or calling them and asking them to match a price that you have seen somewhere else. American Satellites reserve the right to limit quantities or dates if the other retailer has a similar police; furthermore, American Satellite’s price matching is not valid if you found a lower price that was due to a bonus offer (nor any kind of different special offers), rebates or even typographical error. What this means is that American Satellite will only match the everyday normal price of another retailer, nothing more, nothing less.

Exclusive Deals
As of June 2006, American Satellite and Entertainment Inc. has signed a deal with another giant, which is none other than The deal in question allows to be the exclusive online dealer for DirectTV systems. This is quite a good deal for us, the average customer as does have quite a good reputation toward their customers (which are estimated to be at roughly 50 million buyers who bought a single item or more.) The joint work of and American Satellite will undoubtedly please many, and should not be looked as a bad move.

Reward Program
With the HDTV market blooming; it is quite understandable that the battle of supremacy, the battle for the number one spot in HDTV and cable retailer is still fierce and ongoing. American Satellite has thought of a clever and overall very simplistic way of attracting even more customers; if you fill out and send a referral form to a friend, family member or neighbor, and in turn, they buy and activate their DirectTV system, you will receive 75 dollars. It is quite an easy stunt, but you can be assured that it encouraged people to talk about the service. As for the fine prints, you will only receive your $75 via checks (which take about 8 to 10 weeks to arrive) and will also be declared void if they are not cashed in the following 6 months. Obviously, you are also required to be an already existent owner of a DirectTV system via American Satellite. It is also good to mention that the offer does not limit you to a set number of referrals, as you can refer as many people as you can.

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