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Buying a real estate for commercial purpose is always a trouble as it require huge amount of investment. A real estate can be defined as a combination of property in form of land with any other property on it such as buildings, complex etc and is highly profitable for your business ideas. Commercial real estate loan can be your financial partner for such investments in real estate deals at the right time. Commercial real estate loans are available for all types of income producing commercial properties including:

•Office buildings and shopping centers

•Owner occupied buildings

•Motels and apartments

•Automobile dealerships

•Health care facilities

•Manufacturing facilities


Commercial real estate loans are secured by the real estate itself and offers you huge amount ranging between ₤100000 to ₤300000 and can further extend if required. As the amounts are bigger, the repayment period also has to be longer…yes, the repayment term lies between 10 to 30 years. You can choose a repayment term while keeping your repayment capacity in mind. The borrower is required to place the title of the real estate to the lender at the time of loan agreement, while the possession remains with the borrower. The lender can only take the possession if any default is made in repayments for the commercial real estate loan.

There are certain points which you should consider while applying for a commercial real estate loan:

•A Definite plan – A plan for the use of loan money will convince the lender in a much better manner. Lender will also like to know the expected period in which you anticipate completion of planned project.

•Cash ready to put into the project – Lenders will also look that you have sufficient ready cash to be put in the project to cover a percentage of the project.

•Reviewing balance sheet – Review your balance sheet and analyze your cash flow and liabilities before applying for a commercial real estate loans. This will ensure that you have sufficient money for running your commercial property simultaneously paying off the loan.

•Negotiate the best deal – You can take the help of a competent real estate attorney who can help you negotiate and get the best deal while reviewing commercial real estate loan offer.

•Documentation required: It is recommended to arrange all the documentation which a lender can expect. Also you should be prepared to convince the lender that your idea of commercial real estate project will yield enough finances to repay the loan.

•Researching your options – make sure to go through all the option available before finalizing any commercial estate loan deal. You can take the help of online websites to search among numerous free loan quotes available on these sites.

In conclusion, we can say that considering all these points will ease your task of getting a commercial real estate loan and shorten the gap between you and your success ideas with your own real estate.

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