Nov 152023

I have always wanted to start a magazine like the one I just found. Even have thought about doing a newsletter with the finds that I come across. This magazine has everything that I would include and a few extras.. The magazine is Arthur Frommer’s’ Smart Shopping and you can also go to

They have an area in the magazine where people write in about ways to save money, places they’ve found and other advice. Now one of the letters was saying that there aren’t a lot of places online that are easily found and I want to put this letter to its resting place. Here are a few that I frequent; The Frugal Shopper, Frugal Families, and finally FreeLanceByU.

Now with the last one, the lady that owns this site has been features in several articles plus on TV. I have found a lot of great deals like last year I found out that on a particular day IHop was giving away free pancake breakfast. I also found out about a special that was unadvertised that McDonalds had.

Now if you have some sort of medical need and you have an EBay account then look in the section for medical supplies. I am a diabetic and for awhile was on the insulin pump. Supplies can be quite expensive but I found a bunch of them on EBay and saved over 60% of my money. Now if you are selling on EBay then look at or A lot of these stores that sell closeouts are finding their product on these 2 sites.

If you want a great deal on a computer or an accessory then visit They are mainly a wholesale company but sell retail through the site I just gave you. If you resell software on EBay then look at Now if you have an email address then you need to sign up for GoogleAlerts. I have done this on ‘saving money’, ‘frugal living’,’ Frugal shopping’ and a few other terms.

Here’s a great money saving tip for any site owner who to get listed on Yahoo without have to pay a few hundred dollars. Get a Yahoo account and on your site have RSS and have your site added to you Yahoo page. This will get Yahoo to crawl your site. This sites main page has a page rank of 4 but yet I never paid for any submission service. I think a lot has to do with the techniques I used to get crawled by the Search engines.. Another way is to do manual submission on the main directory sites. DMOZ is the directory that a lot of the search engines use and you can be listed just by suggesting your site.

Now some things about saving money are just common sense, like tonight my wife was talking about how she has until the end of the month to renew the tags on our Jeep but the DMV requires a legal Birth Certificate. Because she doesn’t have this and has waited so long about trying to get one that we now have to pay so much extra for expedited service. Normally we would be looking at a cost of only about $12 but now it’s going to cost us about $40 because of the rush. Common sense tells us that we should have either had a copy in a safe place or requested another one several months ago.

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