Nov 082023

The world of travel has changed over the last few years. The monopoly that airlines had does not exist anymore and now the various carriers vie with each other to woo passengers.

Now apart from airline offices and travel agents one can choose to buy flight tickets online at hugely discounted prices. How it works is that each flight has seats that are sold at various prices and many of these seats are bought by online ticket sellers for say just USD 100 and resold for UDS 125. Very often if you are lucky, you can get the lowest priced tickets when you log on and ask for say 4 tickets.

In order to get the most benefits you need to know how to beat the system and this comes with practice.

 Find out when websites like Orbitz, Expedia, Travelocity, or Priceline release the lowest priced tickets. You will get a bonanza if you log on and purchase the tickets you need on the same day that they are released.

 Tickets are always cheaper off season. So avoid traveling during peak season like the holidays or summer break. Rates are very affordable end January-end February, April, May, and September-November.

 Plan a trip with flexible departure and arrival dates. Often tickets on red-eye flights, early departures, and mid-week departures are cheaper that week ends and peak hour flights.

 You will be surprised but if you choose to fly on Easter Sunday, Thanksgiving, or Christmas the flight will be cheaper and empty too. Most people avoid flying and are celebrating with their loved ones.

 Comparative shopping will get you the best deals. Visit at least 3-4 sites and see what the differences are.

 Many a time a two-way ticket is cheaper than a one-way ticket. And even if you just travel one way you will have benefited from a cheaper ticket.

 Check out the advance booking system. Often tickets booked a month in advance are the cheapest and the tickets become most expensive just a fortnight before departure.

Become a seasoned traveler and keep abreast of new packages on offer, price wars, and special deals and so on. Many websites will send you information by e-mail if you register with them. Very often, for the price of one ticket you can get transport as well as hotel accommodation along with free meals or meal coupons.

Find out the benefits of flying on “stand by” tickets. Although this is feasible only off season and not during peak travel seasons. Another great option is tickets being sold by consolidators who purchase bulk tickets and sell them at discounted prices.

And, never forget the local travel agent. Many times agents can get you the best deals using their connections and quotas. Log on to their websites and see what is on offer.

Today flying is an option anyone can opt for as it is quick, efficient, and affordable.

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