Jun 142023

The funky, groovy, jazzy looks come alive with the new Sony Ericssion W550i. W550i surely prepares to take your breath away in a true sense. Designed in a sleek fashion, it actually is an upgrade version of Sony Ericssion S 700. The music lovers are going to have a fiesta as the Sony Ericssion W550i will captivate you with the non stop music that plays up to 30 hours. Wow!

W550i is also having walkman software which makes it a perfect dancing device. It also has an integrated FM radio and MP3 player for making it even more musical Sony Ericssion W550i is a speaker phone that will make you enjoy your music all the more. The stereo speakers make it a real music station.

Other than music W550i also boasts of a 3.2 mega pixel camera. Now you can click the pictures of your loved ones or record them without actually thinking about the memory. Sony Ericssion W550i has a remarkable internal memory of 256 megabytes. It also features Bluetooth technology and EDGE technology which makes data transfer, a real speedy affair. Also, flashlight makes this handset more trendy and lovely.

At a more general level, the new Sony Ericssion w550i weighs 119 Gms. Its dimensions are 93mm+46mm+23mm.It has a triband with a GSM of 1900/900/1800 so that you stay connected with the world where ever you go.

W550i is being offered with many contract deals on various online marketing websites. You must do a comparative research before buying this music phone.

It certainly is a mobile phone for the music lovers and people who love to carry their music with them where ever they go. So hurry up and don’t tarry to buy this new Sony Ericssion w550i.

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