May 102023

Most businesses encounter business debt while they try to reach their business goals. Financial needs during start up or expansion of a company, the constant need to soar ahead of competitors and other reasons could lead to business debt. However, when dealt with effectively, companies could get rid of business debt in the shortest possible time.

Excessive borrowing could lead to business debts which might result in a number of problems including:

• Inability to deal with costs
• Reduced product quality
• Reduced value of business
• Declining confidence among stakeholders

There are many options to help deal with business debts depending on the needs and circumstances encountered by the entrepreneur. CVA (Company Voluntary Agreement) allows a debt ridden company to enter into a formal agreement with creditors and allows creditors to be repaid an agreed amount over a period of time. The proposal must be agreed upon by a minimum of 75% of the creditors. A similar option for sole traders is an IVA. It is a legally binding business debt solution which needs to be set up by a licensed Insolvency Practitioner. An IVA can wipe off up to 90% of debt, offer affordable repayment options and put an end to creditor harassment.
Bankruptcy is believed to be the last resort to deal with bad business debts. It is important to seek specialist advice before filing for bankruptcy. Specialist advisors are trained to analyze finances and will be able to guide debtors to deal with their business debt in the best possible manner. The internet has opened up a world of options for those who are troubled by business debt. One can find extensive information about various options and also source the best debt consolidation and debt management deals with a simple click of a mouse.
Debtors must ensure that they avail services of financial experts while dealing with business debts as they will be assured of relevant information and appropriate advice related to business debt management.
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