Apr 292023

According to the latest estimate, a massive 56% of the Europeans would be shopping online this Christmas. This trend is indicative of the fact that more and more people are now preferring to shop from the comforts of their home rather than crowding the High Street. The estimate, on one hand would send warning bells ringing for the traditional retailers and on the other would act as a joyous signal for the e-tailers who should be elated by the prospect of dizzying rise in sales.

According to a recent survey by TradeDoubler, a European provider of online marketing and sales solutions, Europeans plan to do almost 20% more of their shopping online this Christmas season, compared to last year. This sudden hike in online shopping is attributed predominantly to the proliferation of broadband in UK homes, as well as to the time saving factor and competitive online fees.

Compared with last year’s pre-Christmas period, internet sales have risen 50%, while High Street sales have risen just 0.9%, according to IMRG, which is a representative for e-tailers. Additionally, TradeDoubler expects a 100% increase in number of consumers doing at least half of their shopping online. As a consequence, the e-tailers are busy preparing to better manage the sudden rush this festive season.

Another factor that makes e-shopping such a preferred option is the discounts and bargains that e-tailing web sites abound in. The Cashbacks, referral bonuses and freebies also add their bit to wean away the shoppers from their traditional, time tested ways. So get set, be prepared for the best online deals possible this season and shop away from the crowds.

With e-shopping outdoing the traditional ways of High Street shopping this Christmas, e-shoppers are in for a gala time! Huge Cashbacks, freebies and discounts are all up for grabs on the internet, and so are the best deals!

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