Mar 292023

So you have decided you want a credit card. The very first thing you have to consider is, do you really need one? We all know that need and want are two different things and taking on a credit card is quite a big responsibility. Having said that, used correctly it is a very hand tool. Before you can work out which credit card is best for you, you have to realize what your personal requirements are, and go from there. As we all know, a credit card is also called plastic money because payment can be made just the same as using cash, but with this little bit of plastic.

Some people say that having a credit card is vital, considering the way we live our lives today, and for sure, they have a point. A credit card is a great route to establishing a credit rating. This wonderful thing called the internet is a great way to search for a credit card. There is no doubt that a big advantage of doing an online credit card application is that you can look at the myriad of cards available and their benefits, before deciding to apply.

A lot of people go for the type of credit cards that offer cash back on purchases, which can be very handy. If the credit card you are looking at is secured, this means you have to put a sum of money in the bank to secure the credit. Whichever type of credit card you opt for, of course, it’s your call.

One of the downsides of a credit card is if you fail to keep up the payments, your credit rating will drop. Although, to me the biggest danger of owning a credit card is how easy it is to get in over your head and run up a debt you can not afford. This risk of not controlling your spending and getting into bother is ever present, especially when you see how keen the credit card companies are to keep raising your credit limit. Another downside is that some shops and restaurants add about 8% commission to your bill.

To sum up: There is a world of choice in the credit card market, so make sure you do some research and have a good look round. There are some great deals out there.

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