Mar 202023

The Virgin Lobster 700TV—redefining the boundaries of the telephony. The stage is set to usher a new era in the world of mobile phones. Undoubtedly, this stunning gadget or Virgin Lobster 700 TV is equipped with a revolutionary technology to change the way you watch Television. Virgin Lobster 700TV is UK’s very first mobile phone mobile TV, which would allow you to watch live TV. Moreover, you can also listen to digital radio from all the leading broadcasters. This superb gizmo is available with the Virgin mobile deals.

Well, the credit goes to the technology of DAB-IP or Digital Audio Broadcasting Internet Protocol, which makes it possible to have a live TV on mobile. Therefore, you do not need to rely on 3G networks and you get to watch live TV on the colour 2.2-inch display. So, you can literally carry your very own TV in your pocket. Storage capacity of this mobile phone is as good as it can be with 128MB. There is an expansion slot for additional memory and Bluetooth to share.

You can access its TV either via the menu system or with the help of dedicated TV button, which is placed on the right side of the mobile phone. Well, you need to connect the headset while watching TV, as it acts as an aerial. As far as channels are concerned, you have an elite line up with BBC One, Channel 4, ITV1, and E4.

Besides TV, the Lobster 700TV have a digital radio to give you all sorts of music of your choice. If that’s not enough then you can make and play your play list on its fine music player. It is also loaded with Windows Mobile 5.0 software with email, instant messaging plus Internet browsing. There is a 1.3 megapixel camera, which also supports recording and allows you to capture and share those lovely moments. Grab this cool gizmo with Virgin mobile deals.

Lobster 700TV

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