Ericsson W950i

Jan 092023

Sony Ericsson W950i for a music lifestyle…

The Sony Ericsson W950i is a complete music kit that includes all music features to enjoy anytime-anywhere. Download latest songs in seconds and also transfer songs from your PC music libraries using a USB cable. The graphically advanced Walkman player features album art support—the album lists are shown onscreen. The W950i has an impressive 4GB of flash memory. This means that you can store up to 4000 songs. Download and store.

With 3G, get fast and satisfying experience. The handset is equipped with the Opera 8.0 Web browser for faster web and allows you to access the web anywhere you go. The touch screen and stylus makes it easy to scroll on links. Apart from the Bluetooth technology, move music, images, video and other contents using USB cable to your PC.

Music to enliven you! The W950i Walkman from Sony Ericsson is a 3G phone with an advanced digital music player that comes in a mystic colour casing. The large 2.6″ touch screen allows you to navigate through tracks, albums and artists in an easy way. The handset is very sleek and conceals all the next generation features inside the 106 x 54 x 15 mm casing.

A 3G handset, endowed with full of music and other features can be yours. The Sony Ericsson W950i is available on different networks in the UK. The Sony Ericsson W950i contract is available on different networks such as O2, Vodafone, etc. The tariff plans for Sony Ericsson w950i deals vary on different networks. Under the tariff plans you may get free Sony Ericsson W950i 12 month contract, free texts, free insurance and lots more as per the deal.

To give you that personal feel, the Sony Ericsson W950i comes with a picture phone book. User can use this feature to get that personal feel. There is a flight mode feature, which can be used during long flights to get easy access, to check calendar, to view emails. You can also listen to your favourite music during those long flights.


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