Dec 292022

Our generation is gung-ho regarding mobile phones. Mobile phones have transformed our lives and pushed us into an era of rapid communication. They are the by-products of unprecedented technological development. Mobile phones have infiltrated our lives with their seamless functionalities and snazzy styling.

Since 1980’s, the cumbersome car phones have evolved into the contemporary minuscule gadgets and the mobile phone industry has grown by leaps and bounds. It would not be wrong to say that nothing can beat our generation’s hysteria regarding mobile phones. From 3G clamshells, snazzy sliders and the awe-inspiring N-series, we are using each and every handset with equal glee.

Whether it is the mega pixel camera phones or the MP3 jukeboxes, mobiles have undoubtedly filled our lives with unlimited fun and verve. Mobile phones have also simplified our professional lives with their document viewers, email sending facilities and advanced Symbian operating systems. The crazes for mobile phones can be judged from this very simple fact, that people, shun their old models in favour of new models, as soon as they arrive in the market.

Mobiles are now flaunted as accessories apart from being used as communication devices. Every day the market is thronged with newer handsets, with better features and looks, than the existing models. Mobiles are becoming the stand-alone gadgets in our lives after carefully integrating different functions of cameras, digital music players, and video recorders and games capsules. Whether it is surfing the seamless world of internet or rapid data integration, mobile phones have really made everything possible.

There is no dormancy allowed in the mobile industry today, with mobile manufacturers and service providers fiercely competing for customers. Everyday better and better deals are coming into the market offering you free mobiles, cool cashbacks, free accessories and contract phones with nil or reduced line rentals.

Mobile phones have fascinated us with their splendid designs and astounding profusion of features. We continue to be mesmerised by these gizmos and hope that the magic just goes on.

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