Dec 272022

Who is this great organization called Direct TV? People searching the Internet for info on providers of digital satellite television services no doubt become dizzy with the number of ads, informative articles, and links about satellite television services. Each of these sources almost always contains information about being the top provider of services in the United States and Latin America. With over 16 million customers, Direct TV, a subsidiary of New Corporations Fox Entertainment Group, was the first DBS (Direct Broadcast satellite) in the world initially offering services in 1994. Solid and steady growth has enabled them to offer excellence in expanded services that include digital satellite television, XM Radio, broadband satellite internet, and high definition. Award winning customer satisfaction ratings by J. D. Power and Associates assure new subscribers of superb equipment and the ultimate in home entertainment services. Click here to get Direct TV Deals.

A major attraction to Direct TV is their offer of free top of the line equipment and professional installation. Subscribers are charged only for their choices of programming packages. While Direct TV’s programming is comparable to cable, it is far superior in quality with a increase in the number of available channels. Home television entertainment just can’t get any better than Direct TV. Their fleets of orbiting satellites relay 100 percent digital signaling to homes all across the United States and Latin America. Programming signals are intercepted by special home-attached antennas and converted to either standard or high definition resolution for viewing on television screens. Technological advances have produced crystal-clear pictures and quality clarity in sound. In addition to free basic equipment (home-attached compact dish antenna, fully integrated receiver, and universal remote) and installation, Direct TV gifts each new subscriber with a Personal Video Recorder. This device will prove itself valuable to those who lead busy lives and can’t be in two places at once. Favorites may be recorded for viewing at a later time or one can record programming while viewing another show on a different channel. The slim remote features commands to record up to 70 hours of perfect, commercial-free movies, sports events, and music. Create your own libraries of favorites for enjoyment over and over again in the privacy of your home. The Pause button lets you stop live programming for unexpected interruptions and to resume again without losing any action.

Direct TV’s premier offer is their excellent programming of from 155 to 250 channels of choice channels. The broad range of channels is divided among three packages of variety programming with optional Specialty packages. Total Choice, Total Choice Plus, and Total Choice Premier contain choices that appeal to every member of the family. Each package includes sports channels, movies, children’s and adult channels, news and commentary programs, life-style shows, XM Satellite music channels, and much more. High definition packages are available for those desiring only High Definition programming. Specialty programming includes exclusives like NFL Sunday Ticket, NBA League Pass, and more.

Click on Direct TV Deals now for specific information on variety packages, channel lineups, and pricing. You will find answers to any question you may have with ordering and installation scheduling being done at your convenience. Online affiliates often offer excellent incentive offers in addition to that offered by Direct TV and many have next day installation available. Begin today and find out for yourself why Direct TV is the most popular provider of digital satellite television services.

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