Dec 262022

In a time when we are all barraged with banner ads on the Internet, and advertising everywhere else we go — word of mouth marketing has never been more important. One of the easiest ways to take advantage of word of mouth marketing is simply by showing your appreciation for your customers, prospects, colleagues and employees. How? By giving them something they can actually use!

With literally thousands of items that you can have your logo imprinted on, buying promotional products is not always as easy as people think. One thing is for sure: using promotional products as gift items are one of the most effective ways to keep your business name in front of people on a regular basis. The promotional products industry is only as successful as it is because the marketing dollars that companies spend on these items really do pay off.

Where to Begin?

Getting your logo on something that will sit in a regularly visible area (like on your client’s desk or in their car) is always a good strategy. Although items such as coffee mugs, pens and pencils are typical winners – your best bet will always be to speak with a consultant from the promotional products company you wish to order from.

There is nothing wrong with surfing through all the products on a website to get your own ideas and a feel for what is available – but be assured that you will get the best ideas, products and prices if you actually speak to a professional who deals with the products day in and day out. Not only that, but there often closeouts and specials available that sometimes don’t make it onto the website.

What You Need to Know

You will typically have the most success using promotional products if you know what your goals are. For example, if your goals are to get more business from existing clients — then you should determine how you will rollout your products to them. Including a unique website address imprinted under your logo can help you measure the results in terms of how people are responding to your products.

You also need to know that order times can vary greatly, depending on the level of customization and products you select. Although some companies can be very flexible on rush orders, waiting to the last minute to get things in prior to a deadline (like a tradeshow or holiday event) can prove disastrous.

Finally, know that your products are always more useful when they are actually out there. Some companies spend a lot of money to store a considerable amount of promotional product inventory. You may have heard the saying that it’s better to give than to receive. If you give promotional products you will inevitably receive!

Brian Cerra is a recognized industry expert on promotional marketing with promotional products, and is Vice President of Sales for Best Promotions Get the best deals on promotional products by calling Brian directly at 1-866-881-2378.

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