Dec 252022

Samsung’s mobiles have always elicited brilliant responses whether for their understated styles or their exquisite features. Now comes Samsung X830 which will mesmerise you with its stunning style.

The Samsung X830 stands out from the rest of the gadgets with its amazing sliding action. You can rotate the front panel to discover the beautifully designed keypad.
Samsung X830 is a perfect gizmo with 1 GB of memory and an MP3/AAC/WMA music player. With a music library, you can easily arrange your music by the song and artist’s name. Easily find your tracks from Madonna to Britney. Samsung X830 is a slider phone. Samsung X830 is a very compact phone with the number keys condensed in two columns instead of three like other phones. With a light weight of 75g, Samsung X830 will easily fit in your pocket. Samsung X830 is available in subtle colours of black and white apart from vibrant hues of candy pink, orange, lemon green and oasis blue. Close the handset and use it as a music player. The horizontal interface shows the display settings.

If you want to stay in touch with friends, share memories and video clips, then Samsung X830 is your answer. Samsung X830 comes with MMS, SMS and EMS, through these enhanced messaging services, the user can send animated text, pictures and sound clips.

Capture the lovely moments of life through the lens of the 1.3 mega pixel camera. Take still shots or capture moving images and later view them on the 262K TFT colour screen. Visit our site and browse through the various attractive offers on Samsung X830. You can get this snazzy handset on E2save and One stop phone shop. Amazingly cool deals are available, like nine months free line rental and eight months half line rental. Buy these deals and go for Samsung X830.

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