Jun 242022

Direct TV has revolutionized our concept of television programming. Gone were the days of bad reception, limited numbers of channels and poor image quality. With a 99.96% digital satellite signal feeding our television, you are assured of continuous service no matter what the weather condition is outside your home. Direct TV can give you access to almost 800 audio and video channels including PBS, ESPN, HBO, The Discovery Channel, Disney Channel and also you favorite local channels. Depending on your subscription package, you can enjoy exclusive access to special events in sports, music and other show you like. Check out the many Direct TV Deals offered today.

Direct TV Family Choice
The Family Choice package offered by Direct TV is perfect for families who want to enjoy great entertainment. The 40 channels included in this package are all family-oriented and fun. Your family will enjoy channels such as The National geographic Channel, Discovery Kids, home and Garden television and Bloomberg Television.

Direct TV Total Choice
When you choose to subscribe to Direct TV Total Choice, you will enjoy over 155 channels including local channels. You will be given a free standard Direct TV receiver along with its free installation. Even with just the most basic package, you are still guaranteed of 100% digital image and audio on all channels.

Direct TV Total Choice Plus (TV, Movie Package)
For people who want to have a bit more of great entertainment, Direct TV Total Choice Plus is the perfect package. Featuring 185 channels and a choice of 9 SHOWTIME UNLIMITED channels or 12 Starz Super Pack, this package costs just a little extra. You can still avail of Direct TV free installation and standard receiver system.

Direct TV Total Choice Plus (HD or DVR Package)
For the ultimate viewing experience, Direct TV can provide you with an HD System that consists of an HD receiver and multi-satellite dish. This package will require you to have an HD-capable television to clearly see the difference. With Direct TV HD, all images are clearer, more defined and more vibrant. You will also get to enjoy Digital Dolby Surround sound while you watch HD channels like ESPN HD, HBO HD and Universal HD aside from the 185 channels included in the package.

Some people who do not have an HD-capable television still choose this package because of the option to have Direct TV DVR. With a DVR, you can record your favorite shows, even two at a time. Enjoy rewind and pause capabilities with a DVR package.

All these Direct TV deals are offered at very affordable rates. Aside from enjoying free upgrades, you can also add premium services that will allow you to access premium channels. Just look for any Direct TV authorized retailer nearest you and inquire about the best Direct TV deals. For more convenience, you can choose to avail of the best Direct TV deals online. Simply fill up the required subscription form and you are now one step closer to that one of a kind Direct TV experience.

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