Nov 032017

Hong Kong is a very exciting city to visit. There is so much history and Chinese culture here mixed in with the British’s 99 years of influence. If you have the energy then I suggest exploring Hong Kong partly by foot. You will be able to soak in the culture and business of the place. Most of the signs in Hong Kong are in English so it is very easy to find your way around.
I was visiting Hong Kong in 2009 and I was pleasantly surprised at the cleanliness of the place. Although not as outstanding as Japan but I was still happy. There were so many places to eat but I didn’t have enough storage space in my stomach.
I was driven around by my high school friend but you can always travel by bus. The transport costs here are so cheap. There are a huge range of food types there that you can choose from. The food ranges from traditional Cantonese food to western steaks and pubs. Whatever you desire I am sure you will find the place you want to eat. The Cantonese love their food and that is why there are so many eateries here.
You must try the yum cha here because Hong Kong is well world renowned for its yum cha and the breakfast dishes.
Shopping here is also very cheap. I bought a laptop and camera and saved myself 40 per cent off the price of exactly the same product here in Australia. Isn’t this a good enough excuse to travel to Hong Kong? The savings is almost half the air fare flying there.
While you are there don’t forget to visit Hong Kong’s very own Disney land. Such a wonderful theme park is ideal for people of all ages.
The food here is also very delicious and affordable. You could spend $5 Australian and fill your stomach up.
I recommend spending 2 weeks in in Hong Kong. You may get bored after this length of period.
It is probably a better idea to travel to Hong Kong as a stop over destination. This will ensure you get maximum enjoyment from your stay.
The best part of my 4 day visit to Hong Kong was the shopping districts and the food eateries. You couldn’t find so many places like these in Australia. This will be a great place for women to shop. I hope you will consider Hong Kong for your next overseas trip.

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