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Louisiana has a vivid, long and vibrant history. From 1519 to 1682, Spanish explorers such as Alvrez Pieda, lvar Nez Cabeza De Vaca, Hernando De Soto and Sieur De La Salle explored this wonderful land but it was Sieur de la Salle who claimed it for King Louis XIV in 1682. Between 1731 and 1763, Louisiana was a French colony. In 1731, its land was relinquished and given to Spain after much war had taken place. In 1800, it was given back to France. Finally, in 1803, Louisiana came into the hands of the United States of America and officially became the state of Louisiana in 1812.
Although it may have a colorful history, it must not be forgotten that Louisiana has a fantastic present. A huge contribution to the nation by Louisiana is through its supplies of natural gas, petroleum, salt and sulfur products. It is also the worlds biggest crawfish supplier and has a huge seafood industry. It is also a large agricultural state producing large quantities of sweet potatoes, soybeans, corn, cotton, sugar cane and rice. Louisiana is also a leader in chemicals and chemical goods. These contributions amount up to averages of 150 billion dollars annually.
One major tourist destination is New Orleans which is home of annual Mardi Gras Celebration, has beautiful food and its lavish French style areas bring people from all over the world. Other major tourist attractions include the Superdome, Cajun country, Chalmette National Historic Park and Delta Music Museum. For a more family styled vacation, Louisiana has much to offer including incredible zoos, beautiful sandy beaches, bicycle trails through prestige areas, countryside tours, fishing and wonderful amusement parks. Such include Adventure Cove, Acadiana Marina, SPAR Recreation and Aquatic Center, Lafleur Beach, Alexandria Zoological Park, Alligator Park and Lake Fausse Pointe State Park.
With so much to do in Louisiana, it is only natural that a good nights rest is required and Louisiana has magnificent hotels. Among the luxurious and popular hotels are Avenue Plaza Hotel and Spa, Crown Plaza Hotel Astor, Iberville Suites, Lafayette Hotel, Le Pavillion, Hotel Inter-Continental and many Marriot hotels in cities like Baton Rouge and Metairie. These hotels offer premier services such as pools, food, accessibility services, transportation and recreational services such as gyms, clubs and casinos. They also offer travel guides and information for you while on your trip to help you make the most of your trip.
To enjoy the best that Louisiana has to offer, many deals are available in the printed press or on the internet. The internet is the best place to search for literally hundreds of deals in Louisiana. Every site opens up and offers new and exciting deals which are guaranteed to make your vacation enjoyable and affordable.

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