Aug 102017

Concept of One Day One Product
A One day deal is a discount-based selling method invented in order to promote impulsive sales. Its uniqueness consists in the fact that these sales are only there for 24 hours, thus, the name “one day one product”.
Since this method was launched, more and more one day deal websites appeared on the Internet, and their success is already a fact. People are always attracted by bargains, and this is exactly what these websites are offering to the virtual customers.
One product a day is a web-based business model in which a single type of product is offered for sale for a period of 24 hours. Certain sites sell items uniquely by this method.
One day deal sites are online shops that offer one product for normally 24 hours. These sites are generally dedicated to supplying daily deals and have sprung up in force over the last few years. Even we established online shopping sites taking this approach, offering a special section with one day sales. Some of these sites offer one product, some offer three, and other offer ten or more.
One product a day sites are all over the internet. Why? Because they re fun! You can find out about a bargain without being overwhelmed by choices. You can check them very quickly once a day. And there s always the chance you ll find just what you were looking for at a great price!
But you ll always need to act fast, because when they sell out, they re gone. Quantities are always limited, and featured items and discounts are only available for one day.
Looking for a place to find some really good deals? Feeling like spending a couple of bucks on something cool? Or just plain bored? Continue reading. Below you ll find some of the best One product A Day sites out there.
Aaj Ka Catch offers one product per day until the item is sold out or the product is replaced at 12.00 pm with the new offering. It is the pioneer of the “one product, one day catch it” business model and so far the best one product a day site on the web. It s also the most popular one, so whenever it posts some nice item it sells out within the first few minutes.

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