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Getting a cheap plane fare nowadays is so much easier than 2 years ago. The boost in the travel industry and and surging oil prices has been the main factor for the continuous increase in air fares. The recession however, has somehow lowered the cost of some these ticket prices. The truth is, you can actually buy the lowest airline fare for your holidays even if there is no recession.
Why is this so ?
The ridiculously cheap air tickets you see nowadays makes one wonder why the sharp plunge in prices. Some may argue about cutting losses, but the truth is that the aviation industry depends very much on the supply and demand chain to sustain their business. That is to say, the more seats they sell, the more profit they make. In short, if you know how, you can actually go around the corner and buy the lowest airline fare possible.
Cheap Plane Fare Tip 1
Odd Timing Flights – Most people do not like odd timing flights. This is due to the inconvenience the flight timing might bring them. That is to say, the seats of odd timing flights are harder to sell. In other words, they have to be cheaper than normal flights to bring in passengers and these airlines need to sell these seats to keep them in business ! If you do not mind these flights, you may wish to look out for these odd timing flights.
Cheap Plane Fare Tip 2
Midnight Calls – Do you know that most airline deals and fare changes usually comes in after midnight ? By being the first few to get notified of such deals and securing them, you will be able to get some of the lowest airline fare that you never thought possible.
Cheap Plane Fare Tip 3
Insider Tips – Knowing someone from the airline industry can be very useful in getting cheap airline tickets. People working inside the airline industry usually knows the ins and outs of the industry. The upcoming coming offers and packages etc. Their knowledge can be very helpful in helping you score big in discounted air tickets.

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