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Inexpensive train fares were once difficult to acquire but it is not so anymore. There are several reasons why individuals opt to commute by way of train:
It is comfortable since you are able to walk around and stretch your leg. You can also make new friends.
It is a very quick means of traveling. With train travel you get to bypass long traffic and long security lines at airports.
Traveling by train is quite exploratory. You get to enjoy the scenery from suburbs to cities, from forests to lakes and mountains to valleys.
It is often cheaper to travel by train than buying fuel to drive long distances or buying airplane tickets.
Trains contaminates to a lesser extent than aircrafts as they discharge less carbon dioxide in the air.
Various countries have different agents and means to obtain inexpensive fares:
1.Europe – commonly called the home of inexpensive train travel. Europe has many rail passes to different countries in the continent. It is mostly available to commuters outside of Europe. If you plan a broad trip of Europe, you may opt to buy a Eurail which is a first class pass valid for one or several weeks which is very inexpensive. If you just want to visit sections of the continent, the cheap choice is Scanrail or the Balkan Flexipass.
2.USA – Amtrak US rail passes are cheap, and are available in 15 or 8 days options. Children get 1/2 price passes. Tickets are sold for segmented travel, which means that it can take 2 or 3 sections provided by Amtrak to travel one city to another. Tickets are sold on the internet at their website and international commuters and students are offered weekly specials and other hot deals.
3.India – rail travel is dirt cheap in India. Travel by rail is your best alternative providing you can stand crowds. Many persons commute by train in India and the railway industry has been upgrading.
4.Australia – Austrail Flexipass is great for long term exploring. This pass is appropriate for travel over 15 or 22 days and is very inexpensive. Whenever you commute, those days are subtracted from the pass. The only drawback is that kids pay the same as grown-ups.
Travel during off-peak periods when trains provide inexpensive tickets. During peak hours there is greater demand for tickets so they are more costly at these times. Mid-week is the ultimate time to book your ticket.
Make your reservations as early as possible to take advantage of reasonable tickets. The earlier you book, the cheaper the fare.
Check for holidays in your destinations as this tend to hike train ticket prices.
If you are travelling to Europe, check online for tickets at Rail Europe. If you are commuting in groups the tickets are less expensive.
You can split the tickets in one journey and this sometimes works out reasonable than to buy one ticket. This is really buying three or four tickets instead of one ticket.
Consider using a travel agent. They can often hunt own the best specials, saving you time and effort. STA Travel is a travel agent which also operates on the web supplying cheap fares especially to students.
Search on the internet for ‘reasonable train fares’. You will be shocked of how much deals can be found on the internet. Online brokers are created to source the lowest costs accessible. Some of the most common websites that offer these services are Amtrak, Virgintrains, Thetrainline and Eurorail. The best one would depend on the destination and where you are commuting from.

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