May 312017

Since last several years, eating out is fast becoming a popular trend in various modern cities of India. With lifestyles getting busier and with people wanting to explore newer flavors, a whole lot of new eating areas has sprouted up in different corners of the cities, especially in main commercial areas, malls and shopping complexes. Again, to explore the new tastes, people want variety in their dinner plate. To cater to that desire of variety, Indian hoteliers and builders are designing and making eating areas that offer global choices of food.
Food courts, though a new concept in India, are fast becoming popular among the people. They offer great variety of food to different classes of people. A food court is a common area inside a commercial complex or mall that includes the counters of multiple food vendors and a common self-serving dinning area. This kind of food courts are also located in airports or at railway stations or such busy common areas where large number of people come and require readymade food of their choice. These food court in delhi can also be standalone establishment. Moreover, in some areas of learning such as high schools and universities, or office buildings, you can find modern food courts in place of traditional cafeterias.
The most interesting thing about these food courts is its casualness. Since, it is a large eating area; people feel free and relaxed sitting eating and chatting there.There is no air of formality as is seen in traditional restaurants. These food courts in India are popular places for casual business meetings or for casual partying and chatting.
In most of the metro cities of India, you can find such vibrant food courts opened by hotel chains or by a restaurant chains. Some of the popular food courts in India are those from McDonald’s,Haldiram’s, Bikanerewala’s, Nirula’ s and several other food vendors.
By a simple research online you can know about some popular food courts in your city.

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