Mar 092017

Sony Ericsson always comes up with bang-bang kind of gadgets and this time it has again announced the one such with the name Sony Ericsson txt Pro. Dissimilar to recent Sony Ericsson phones, this one is not running Android Operating system into itself although it is complete touch screen device. The hardware specifications of the gadget seem interesting. The handset is well versed with a QWERTY keypad that is made available after sliding it out.

There is a 3 inches capacitive touch screen that has got resolution of 240 x 400 pixels, it looks beautiful. To capture images and record videos there is a 3.2 megapixels camera in the handset. Other on board features includes Bluetooth, a microSD slot, media player, FM radio and a audio socket of 3.5 mm. This device does not support 3G but Wi Fi is available that makes it easier for you to get Internet access for no cost if anywhere in the vicinity of a home wireless network.
As this handset comes with QWERTY keypad that looks nice, it becomes slightly weighty but not that much. With the weight of just 100 grams, carrying it inside your pocket is not that a heavy load. Although the gadget is lacking in providing some of the better kind of features on it, especially that of media features but it is still beholding some of the nice media features and able to perform some sort of media works quite efficiently.
With the news of its announcement, some of the big fish in mobile network carrier pond are expected to come up with various kinds of beneficial deals for consumers. Those deals expected in the market are consisting of Contract, pay as you go and SIM free. Network carriers in the UK market include Vodafone, Orange, T mobile, O2, Three and Virgin. These all networks are sure to announce some of the best kind of mobile phone deals which would add to the buying of Sony Ericsson txt pro. Although, it is not expected to come with higher price tag as other Android phones in the market is also witnessing the cost falling down.

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